How to Make a Glass Door Burglar-Proof

What You'll Need
Stainless steel hinges
Various screwdrivers
Self-locking door knob
Stainless steel strike plate
Cylinder guards
3-inch screws
Hole drill
Security bars

When you own your home you have a lot to worry about--including burglary--and if you have a glass door then you have a huge security risk. Many glass doors are built with appearance, not security, in mind. If you wish to keep the beauty and class of a glass door then you need to make sure that it is burglar-proof. The following article will show you how to secure your glass door easily.

Step 1 - Change the Hinges

Hinges are typically made out of cheap metal, which is easily bent and broken. Replacing the hinges on the glass door will add extra strength and security to the door. When you install the hinges make sure they are facing the inside of the home and are not visible from the outside as hinges facing the outside can easily be removed. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the hinges in place. Line the new hinges up with the old holes and screw them in place. You should have at least 3 hinges on the door but can just as easily have 5, for added security.

Step 2 - Strengthen the Frame

Door frames are often only tacked into place, which means that the frame can easily be broken when the door is kicked. A simple fix to increase security is to install 3-inch long screws through the frame. The goal is to make the screws sink into the studs. You can also use these screws to secure the hinges to the wall side of the door. Place the screws up and down the entire door as well as the doorstop.

Step 3 - Doorknob Security

A doorknob on its own is fairly secure but replacing the current doorknob with a self-locking doorknob will keep you from having to worry if you locked the door at night. Use the screwdriver to remove the door knob and unscrew both halves from each other and install the new doorknob. At this time you can also add a new stainless steel strike plate and bolt latch, using 3-inch screws to secure the bolt latch to the wall stud. Install a deadbolt by drilling a hole in the door to the size instructed by the deadbolt directions. Cylinder guards are also a must for glass door security. Burglars can use hammers and wrenches to pry off lock cylinders but cylinder guards can stop this from happening.

Step 4 - Security Bars

They may not seem like a good option to preserve the classy nature of a glass door but there are types of iron bars that are very nice that can match your decor. Security bars go on the outside of the door and you need to measure the front of the door, leaving an inch around the frame, to make sure you purchase the right size bars. Use screws that are 1/2-inch shy of the thickness of the glass door frame.