How To Make A Glass Patio Table How To Make A Glass Patio Table

What You'll Need
Piece of tempered glass with ground edges and rounded corners, 36x36 inches
8 pieces 1/4 -inch thick rubber, 4x4 inches
4 pieces hardwood, 24x4x4 inches
4 pieces hardwood, 24x4x1 inch
4 pieces hardwood, 22x4x1 inch
Glass paper
Small auger
64 brass screws with chrome caps, 3 inches
Phillips screw driver to fit the screws
Wood glue

If you want to make your own glass patio table, the best method is to design something simple. The most important thing is stability, so build based on a cube as nothing is more stable.

Step 1 - Prepare the Timber

For a light and bright table, use oak for you base. Check that the sizes are precise and the corners are square. Rub each piece down with fine glass paper until it has a smooth satin-like finish.

Step 2 - Mark the Screw Holes

At each end of the 24 inch pieces, mark a line 1 inch from the end. Mark a second line 4 inches from that to create a 4-inch square. Draw in the diagonals of the square. Make a mark 1.5 inches from each corner on each diagonal.

At each end of the 22-inch pieces, draw a line 4 inches from the ends. This creates another 4-inch square. Draw in the diagonals and mark them 2 inches from the corners.

Step 3 - Drill the Screw Holes

Drill through each mark with a bit the same size as the screw shanks. You will make 64 holes all together.

Step 4 - Start to Build Your Cube Base

Present the end of one of the 22-inch pieces to an end of one of the 4x4 pieces at 90 degrees. Carefully use a small auger in the drilled holes to mark the position of the screws on the 4x4. Drill pilot holes no more than half the diameter of the screw shank.

Step 5 - Apply the Wood Glue

Apply the wood glue to the 4-inch section of the 4x4 that you just drilled. If you are using impact glue, do the same with the 22-inch piece.

Carefully position the pieces together and drive the screws home as fully as possible. Wipe off any excess glue.

Step 6 - Join the Other Ends

Complete the other ends in the same way. You will end up with two frames that are 24x22 inches.

Step 7 - Finish the Cube

Join the frames using the same process, except apply glue to the last 5 inches of the 24-inch pieces.

Step 8 - Add Caps

Tap the chrome caps into each screw head.

Step 9 - Glue the Rubber to the Cube

To each end of the 4x4 pieces (now the table legs), glue one of the pieces of rubber.

Step 10 - Finish the Table

Place the glass top on the cube with a 6-inch overlap all round. The rubber will stop the glass from slipping.

If you have a suitable frame, you can also make a metal table or a plastic table.

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