How to Make a Granite Mortar and Pestle

What You'll Need
Granite slabs

With all of the new inventions created yearly to make our lives easier in the kitchen, you will not have thought that the lowly granite mortar and pestle is still a popular tool used by people in the kitchen. The thing here is that even if we now have food processors and blenders which make our lives easier, it is still difficult to abandon using mortar and pestle in the kitchen. The reason why the lowly mortar and pestle are still used vastly in today’s kitchen is that it has an impact on the taste of the food the fact that it can pounce better than any food processor that exist in the market. Moreover, it does not only mash food stuffs, but it can also pulverize, crush and mix ingredients together. Now why would you spend a lot of money on food processors if the granite mortar and pestle can do all these things for you? Due to the popularity of the granite mortar and pestle, a lot of people even go as far as making their own mortar and pestle thus if you are one of the many people who want to make your own granite mortar and pestle, here are some of the tips on how to make one.

Step 1 - Prepare your Granite Slab

Buy 2 granite slabs from your local hardware store. One slab should be wider while the other one thinner and smoother. The first slab will be used as the mortar while the other one will be the pestle. In the hardware store, allow the second slab of granite to be smoothened out by the staffs of the hardware. This is necessary so that you will be able to pounce, grind and pulverize your foodstuff effectively. On the other hand, you can retain the look flat look on the first slab or have it smoothened out or thinned out by polishing the middle of the slab.

Step 2 - Wash the Granite Slab

Once you have all the necessary smoothing and thinning of the granite slab, wash it in hot water and pay extra attention to the nooks and crannies present in the granite where debris may be lodged into. Use a brush to remove the dirt from the rock.

Step 3 - Disinfect the Granite Slab

The next step that you need to  do is to disinfect the granite slab by applying bleach to the rock. Let the granite slab immerse in the bleach solution for about 10 minutes before you rinse it in boiling water. Once the granite slab has already been disinfected and rinsed, let it cool before you use it.

Step 4 - Use a Plastic Wrap the First Time You Use it

If you are going to use the granite mortar and pestle, it is important that you first wrap it with a plastic wrap the fact that you have immersed the granite mortar and pestle on the bleach earlier just to make sure that you do not contaminate your food with the bleach that is still stuck on the mortar and pestle.