How to Make a Greenery Garland

hands assembling a green garland
  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20
What You'll Need
Wired twine
Floral wire
Floral tape
Greenery boughs or bunches

A garland of greenery is a great way to make any space feel fresh and natural. It adds a touch of rustic elegance and charm. Buy a garland and you could end up spending a lot of money on something that you don't absolutely love. Learn how to make your own garland and you'll have exactly the look you want. Once you know how to make your own garland, you can create a beautiful seasonal garland for any occasion.


It’s possible to make a garland with any number of materials and create all sorts of different looks. Get fresh greenery from the florist or buy artificial greenery so your garland can be used again and again.

If you'd prefer a year-round, artificial option, check some out on Amazon.

You can make a garland with evergreen boughs but you can also make them with boughs of leaves, like eucalyptus. Add flowers, branches and other decorations as you like to create any design. Once you learn the basics of making a DIY greenery garland, it will be easy for you to create new ones for seasonal decor, to add beauty to special events and to spruce up any space.

green garland decoration on fancy table

Creating a Garland

It's not difficult to create your own garland of greenery, whether you're using fresh greenery or artificial foliage. Get all the materials you need, figure out how long you want your greenery to be and set aside some time where you can work undisturbed for a bit, and you can move through this project pretty quickly. It may take you longer to decide on the greenery you want to use than it does to make the actual garland!

Step 1: Get your workspace ready. Make sure you have a large enough area to work in to make your greenery garland. A table or counter with plenty of space will work well. Wherever you work, make sure you can remain relatively undisturbed during your DIY project.

Step 2: Cut your greenery into 8-inch pieces and stack them together for easy assembly.

Step 3: Gather three to five pieces of greenery together in a bunch and wrap the ends of the stems with wired twine, wrapping the twine around the bunch several times. Leave the twine on the spool and do not cut it while you work.

Step 4: Wrap floral wire around the stems to secure them to the twine. You can cut the wire when you're done.

Step 5: Wrap the bundle with floral tape to hide the wire and secure your greenery. Wrap the tape around the stems of the bunch of greenery and the twine to create a secure bond.

Step 6: Move about two to three inches down the twine to place another bundle of greenery that's about the same size as the first. Place the bunch facing in the same direction as the first, so the greenery from this second bunch will cover the stems from the first. Wrap the twine around the end of the stems several times, then wrap again with the wire. Remember, don't cut the twine.

simple green garland decorating a table

Step 7: Repeat, placing bunches every two to three inches down the twine until the garland is at its desired length. Once you get to the length you want, cut the twine after your last bunch.

Step 8: You can weave some flowers into the garland every six inches if you want to include a pop of color or a bit of dazzling white to the design. Any additions to the garland can be woven through the greenery and secured directly to the twine between two bunches. Secure the additions with floral wire. If you use wire and no tape to place these additions, the extras can always be removed and swapped out if you want to change the look of your garland without making an entirely new DIY garland.

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