How to Make a Gutter Cover How to Make a Gutter Cover

What You'll Need
Gutter mesh (metal or plastic)
Plastic foam
Scissors or mesh cutter
Tape measure
Screws or clips
Razor knife
Waterproof sealant

A gutter cover is designed to protect the gutter from being filled with leaves and other debris that may fill up the space inside the gutters or clog the downspouts. In order to prevent such problems, the best solution is to install a gutter cover. You can purchase this item from a home improvement store or make it by yourself to cut down on costs. While bracket gutter covers may be harder to create, some types of gutter covers can be easily made out of simple materials such as foam and mesh. Read on for more details.

Step 1–Planning

Determine what type of gutter cover you have to install on the gutters. These items come in many different kinds; so, creating one will depend on the design chosen for installation. There are basically three types to consider: foam, screen and reverse curve types. The screen ones allow water to pass through the mesh but will eventually prevent leaves and other large debris from entering the gutter. Foams work as absorbents that will not allow debris to pass through but are only temporary covers. Foam will eventually get clogged with dust and other smaller debris at some point. The best one is the reverse cover, but it is harder to make and is better off purchased.

Step 2–Measuring the Gutter Cover

Take measurements of the length and width of the gutters before purchasing the materials. In this way, you will get a good estimate of the gutter covers that you need to make. Purchase gutter mesh or foams sufficient to cover the entire gutter length.

Step 3–Cutting the Gutter

Measure the dimensions of the gutter to cut the foam: the depth, width and length to get a good idea. Use these measurements to cut the foam correctly. To make sure, cut a small block of foam and test it on the gutter and see if it fits. Check if it covers the entire gutter from side to side as well. Afterward, cut enough foam to cover the full length of the gutter.

For screen gutter covers, transfer the entire area of the gutter to the mesh and use that measurement to cut the correct pieces. Add at least 2 inches allowance on the sides as to provide space for the clips or screws.

Step 4–Installing the Gutter Cover

Make sure you install the gutter cover properly or it will be useless. The foam gutter cover is easy to fit because it only requires you to place it firmly inside the gutter.

For the screen gutter cover, screw each side securely on the roof and the gutter edge. A good 12-inch distance between the screws is ideal. To prevent the screw holes from causing water leaks, apply waterproof sealants around the screws afterward.

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