How To Make A Hanging Closet Organizer

What You'll Need
Sturdy Hook (to hang on the rod)
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric or Netting Material
Particle Board, Plastic, or Stiff Cardboard

Having a hanging closet organizer is a great way to de-clutter a small closet.  Everyone seems to need additional storage space in their closets, so here are a few simple ways to create your own hanging closet organizer to allow you to maximize a small space.

Step 1-Take Measurements

You will need to know how large you want the organizer to be before you start. Measure the closet's length and width to determine the size of your organizer. You need to keep in mind the weight the hook will hold. You may want to create a few organizers if you have lots of heavy, bulky things you plan on storing.

Step 2-Cut the Boards

Once you know how large you want your organizer to be, you can begin cutting the boards. You need to make sure that each one is cut to an even size and they all match one another. These will serve as your shelves.

Step 3- Attach Hook

You will want to attach the hook to one of the pieces of board you cut. This can be done by drilling four holes in the top of the board, and weighing the hook down. Remember, the hook needs to be able to withhold the weight of both the shelves and the items placed on the shelves.

Step 4- Attach The Fabric

You will now use the hot glue gun to attach the fabric to one side of the shelves. You may need to play with this to get the placement right. You want to make sure the fabric stays taught as you move down the shelves. Once you have finished one side, move to the other. Allow plenty of time for the glue to completely dry before moving on to the next side.

Step 5- Secure With Tacks

You can use the upholstery tacks to go back over and secure the shelves to the fabric. Just press them in to place, and use a hammer if necessary to set them in. If you’ve used boards, you can use screws Instead.

Step 6- Additional Support

This step is only necessary if you are using heavier boards or plan on having heavier items on the hanging shelves. You can use scrap wood and screw the wood in to the shelves on the back of the hanging unit. Since you do this in the back you don’t need to worry about it being seen. This will just give the unit some added support. If you want more support than that, you can also place supports on both sides of the unit. You can upholster the sides if you choose to do this.