How to Make a Hanging Pot Rack Grid

What You'll Need
Grill Rack
Steel Box Frame
Soldering Iron
Heavy Duty Lock or Wire Cutters

A hanging pot rack grid is the same, in many respects, to a wall mounted pot rack grid. The steps necessary to make a hanging pot rack grid is not significantly different from the process used to create a wall mounted pot rack grid. In fact, you can use the steps, including the tools and materials provided in this article, to make a hanging pot rack grid or a wall mounted pot rack. 

The reason why there is not a lot of differentiation between the two is because there are so many different styles and types of pot racks that are available that are both ceiling hung and wall mounted. The bracket used to mount the pot rack either to the wall or suspend it from a ceiling is the only significant difference. This article will discuss the steps, tools and materials needed to make a hanging pot rack grid.

Step 1: Assemble the Hanging Pot Rack Grid

With the materials laid out take the grill rack and cut it to size using the heavy duty lock or wire cutters. The grill should be shaped to fit inside the steel box frame that you purchased. Once you c