How to Make a Headboard Using Foam Core

Adding a headboard to a bed can be as simple as making one out of foam core board. The bedroom is a sanctuary away from the world around you and often times the headboard of the bed is a focal point for the room. When you purchase a bed a headboard does not typically come with it. You will get a mattress, box spring and usually a very cheap standard frame. There is no reason to go without a headboard. Making one out of foam is not only easy, but inexpensive to do. The article that follows will provide you with some things to consider when you are embarking on making your own headboard out of foam core.

Design Before You Cut

Foam core is delicate and touchy to work with which makes designing the headboard an important step. You can create a stencil on normal paper or draw freehand directly on the foam core board. Foam core material is fairly sturdy so you can create delicate patterns and intricate cuts. Just make sure that the instrument you are using is very sharp so that it can easily slice the foam core.

Seal the Edges

When you begin cutting the foam core you will be taking away its integrity and will, most assuredly, be weakening the edges of the board. When you are designing and cutting the foam core you will be creating a lot of rough cuts and if you are planning on using a fabric covering you should first seal the edges. This not only will fill in any mistakes you made while cutting, but also make the edges thicker and sturdier. This is a 2-step process. You will first want to seal the edges of the foam core with glue. You can use regular white glue or even rubber cement. Wait for the glue to become tacky then apply masking tape along the edges.

Stack the Foam Core

You can purchase foam core in various thicknesses but none thick enough to create a headboard unless you special order it. In order to be able to carve foam core for a stable headboard you will need a piece that is almost 2 inches thick. You can get this thickness by stacking 4 or 6 foam core boards. Use a very strong glue or a spray adhesive and apply it to each board. Wait until the substance is tacky then place a foam core board on top and add pressure. Continue making layers like this until you reach your desired thickness.

Covering it Up

A foam core headboard is plain, boring and will look like a craft project. You can cover foam core with various materials like, for instance, fabric. You can even stuff the fabric with foam to give it a pillow look and feel. Stuff the padding between the foam core and the fabric. You can then add a tack with some glue and press it into the board. Place one tack every 4 or 6 inches vertically and horizontally to create square patterns.