How to Make a Heated Motorcycle Vest How to Make a Heated Motorcycle Vest

What You'll Need
Sketch paper
Vest Material (Upholstery Fabric)
40 Feet of Coated wire (copper type)
Hot Glue
A electric on/off Switch
On electric cord.
Electrical Tape

Making a heated motorcycle vest is a difficult task requiring electronic knowledge and sewing ability. People create motorcycle vests because of the cold that they encounter while riding. It takes the better part of a day to create the vest, patience and careful detail planning is important to make it a successful project. The sewing requires great detail, as it is important not to penetrate the wiring as you sew it into place.

Step 1 – Planning

Envision the vest you would like to create and draw out a sketch out it on paper. Try to draw the vest out life-size. Choose the type of electrical wire you want to make the vest out off, copper or nichrome, whichever you prefer. Purchase a piece of material to make the vest out of. Cut out the vest shape from the material using an old vest you have or a shirt as a design. Create two pieces of vest as you will sew the two halves together. Plan how to run the wiring in the vest on the diagram you created. The more wire you have the warmer the vest will be. Plan on spacing the wires evenly with more wire on the front of the vest which faces the wind, and less on the back, and under the arms.

Step 2 – Assemble the Vest

Using the wiring, you want to begin to sew it into one piece of the fabric. Hot glue parts of the wiring in place as you lay it out of the vest fabric. Then stitch the wiring into the fabric by hand being careful not to penetrate the wiring as you sew it into place. Take your time sewing the wiring; it is not something you want to make a mistake completing. After you have sewed the wiring into place, be certain to leave enough of the wire to attach a connector to. The connection to the motorcycle will be made with the ends of an electrical extension cord.  Cut off the male end of the extension cord and splice it to the wiring end in the vest toward the bottom of the vest. Use electrical tape to seal the splice. Take the second piece of vest material, and sew it onto the first piece to sandwich the wiring in between the two pieces of vest material. Take the female end of the extension cord and attach it to a free compartment in a wiring harness located close to the motorcycle seat. Be certain to leave enough of the cord free to allow for movement of the rider on top of the motorcycle. Plug the vest into the motorcycle receptacle before you go for a ride to make certain that the vest is assembled properly. You may want to install an on off switch between the male connector on the vest and the electrical wiring in the vest. That way you can turn the vest on or off while you are riding without having to stop and disconnect the plug.


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