How to Make a High Chair Seat Cover

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Sewing machine

Making a high chair seat cover is a great idea to help reduce some of the cleaning up required after your child eats something while sitting in the high chair. Crumbs and spills are a common occurrence while a young child is eating or drinking, and these tend to ruin the high chair itself. Hence a high chair seat cover can protect the high chair while also facilitating the cleaning up process. It is quite simple and much cheaper to make a high chair seat cover yourself rather than purchasing a ready-made one. Here are a few tips which will help you do so.

Step 1: Measure the High Chair and Make A Pattern

First of all you need to measure the high chair. Using the measurements taken, draw up a pattern as this will help you while sewing the cover. Make sure to add a few inches allowance all around.

Step 2: Purchase the Fabric

Purchase the fabric you will be using to make the high chair cover. Use the dimensions recorded to purchase the right amount of fabric and make sure to select a type which is easily washable. Choose bright colors which will make the high chair look more appealing to your baby.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

Place the pattern onto the fabric you purchased and start to cut carefully along it. The high chair will have some curvatures, so make sure you cut as neatly as possible especially in these areas.

Step 4: Cut the Straps

You will need to fasten the cover at the back and at the base of the high chair. This is best done by securing it with tied straps. Hence, cut 4 pieces of straps from the fabric. Make sure they are long enough to allow you to make a knot comfortably.

Step 5: Sew the Straps

Sew the straps to the cover at the desired places.

Step 6: Pin the Sides and Sew Them Up

Pin the fabric’s front and back sides together. Then, sew them up while making sure to leave the lower part open so as to enable you to insert the cover onto the high chair without much difficulty.

Step 7: Iron the Cover

At this point it is best to iron the cover so as to have a neater fabric without creases.

Step 8: Stuffing

You may choose to fill the cover with some soft stuffing so as to make it more comfortable for the child to sit on. If you choose to do so make sure you try to insert it carefully and make it as flat as possible so as not to leave any unsightly and uncomfortable bulges. You will then have to fasten the padding by stitching at regular intervals all around the cover’s sides.

Step 9: Attach a Zipper

If you do not wish to fill the cover with padding it is best to attach a zipper at the lower part of the cover so as to make it sit more neatly on the high chair and to enable you to insert and remove the cover more easily.