How to Make a Holiday Wreath Laden with Ornaments

A holiday wreath can transform your environment into a winter wonderland and inspire the holiday spirit. Although holiday wreaths laden with decorative ornaments might look challenging to make, they are generally very simple, and they look can be dramatic. You can make a wreatch for own enjoyment or make several to sell at holiday craft shows.

Tools and Materials

  • Round Styrofoam wreath form
  • Fabric or silk ribbon
  • Crafting glue
  • Florist or small crafting pins
  • Fabric ornaments
  • Glass ornaments

Step 1: Cover Your Styrofoam Wreath with Ribbon

Wind your fabric or silk ribbon around the wreath form, gluing the Styrofoam as you go with crafting glue. This will secure the ribbon and prevent it from coming loose. Cover the entire wreath with ribbon until the Styrofoam is no longer visible.

Step 2: Pin or Glue Ornaments on Wreath

If your ornaments have a hanging loop on them, pin them onto your wreath form using florist or small crafting pins. If they do not have loops on them, glue the backs of the ornaments directly onto the wreath. Hold in place for a few seconds, and do not disturb the ornaments until they are dry so that they do not become loose. Continue pinning or gluing your ornaments onto the wreath form until the entire form is covered. This will give your holiday wreath a look of abundance and richness.