How to Make a Home Gym Bench

What You'll Need
2 beams
2 planks
Power saw
Wood sealant
Power sander
Drywall screws
Measuring tape
Power screwdriver

You need a home gym bench if you decide to construct a gym in your house. There are many advantages that come with building a home gym. You will save on your monthly or yearly membership fees as well as not having to wait to use the equipment. Apart from this, a home gym bench is appropriate for many different exercises such as triceps press, seated dumbbell curls, seated military press and bench press.

Make sure that the planks and the beams have a thickness of 1.5 inches, but the planks should be six by two inches whereas the beams should be two by four inches. On the other hand, you need the drywall screws to be three inches long. You can also utilize a handsaw instead of a power saw and a piece of sandpaper instead of a power sander.

Step 1 – Measuring the Length of the Bench

In order to measure how long you need your bench to be, you need to measure yourself from the head to the buttocks. Keep this measurement as a guideline and mark it on the wooden planks as a guideline for when you cut them later on.

Step 2 – Cutting the Planks

Use a handsaw or power saw to cut down the planks in order to make the top of your bench. Cut down seven twelve-inch pieces from the beams as well.

Step 3 – Constructing the Top of the Bench

Now it is time to lay down the two pieces that you have cut from the planks. Put them along each other so that you create a rectangle with a width of 12 inches and a length equal to the height from your head to your buttocks. Fix one of the 2 by 4 beam pieces with screws in the middle of the wooden planks in order to connect them with one another. Use a power screwdriver to fix eight three-inch screws through both the 6 by 2 and 2 by 4 pieces. You must do this by placing four screws in each one of the 6 by 2 wooden planks.

Fix two more 2-by-4 pieces, one on each side of the planks. Put one of the 2-by-4 pieces over the plank and make sure it is one inch away from the edge. Fix eight three-inch screws again as described in the step above. Fix two other 2-by-4 pieces on the other side of the plank as well. By now you should have three 2-by-4 beam pieces that connect together the 6 by 2 plank pieces in the middle.

Step 4 – Fastening the Bench Legs

In order to make the legs for your home gym bench, you need to put a twelve-inch piece from the 2x4 beam in such a manner that it is perpendicular to a corner of the bench. You must attach the leg to the 2-by-4 piece that you fixed earlier to the edge of the bench. Fasten the leg firmly in place by screwing it through the top of your home gym bench. Repeat this same procedure to fasten the other three legs of the bench.