How to Make a Homemade CD Shelf

What You'll Need
Epoxy glue
1 standard empty CD case
3 slimline empty CD cases
Electric screwdriver
Magic marker

Homemade shelving can save you a lot of time, some money as well as provide you with a sense of accomplishment and an easy project to begin with is a CD shelf. Compact discs are not that big but if you purchase music, movies, television shows or computer software on a regular basis you will notice how much space compact discs take up. The article that follows will show you how to create a CD shelf that appears to be floating on your wall.

Step 1: Preparing the CD Cases

Prior to building the CD shelf, make sure that you have all of your materials and tools together. This will help you to avoid any possible mistakes so you can achieve a great finished project. Open the standard CD case and separate the interior piece from the bottom of the CD case. Cut a half circle into the end of the flat side of the hub making it as centered as you can then snap it back in place. Take apart the slimline CD cases and set aside.

Step 2: Installing the Bracket

Place the bracket inside a vice so that the "T" section is gripped and hidden fully by the vice. Make the T-bracket as level as possible using the vice to line it up. The bottom of the "T" section should just be visible along the edge of the vice. Grip the protruding piece of metal with the pliers and bend it down until it is flush against the vice. The finished bend will make the bracket 90-degrees. Put a line of epoxy glue along the bottom of the bent piece of the bracket and line it up with the half-circle you cut in the CD case with the bent corner sitting on the edge of the case. This is the base of the CD shelf.

Step 3: Trimming the CD Cases

Close the lid of the CD case and you will notice that it will not close. It strikes the metal bracket. Use the magic marker and make marks where the case lid makes contact with the metal. Use the pliers to bite down and break away the plastic in the lid between the marks you made. Close the lid to make sure it now fits. Stack the three slimline cases on top of the CD shelf base. Repeat the lining up and case cutting on the slimline cases as you did with the standard case. Apply epoxy glue to the top of two slimline cases and stack them to make one thicker case.

Step 4: Installing the CD Shelf

Decide where you want to place the CD shelf. Use a level to make sure it is even. Use the screws to attach the CD shelf base to the wall. Place the three glued together slimline cases on top of the CD shelf base in order to make the CD shelf stronger to hold more weight.