How to Make a Homemade Charcoal Grill

A charcoal grill.
What You'll Need
Large metallic can
Can opener
Lighter fluid
Matches or grilling lighter

It is always fun to have friends and family gathered around a charcoal grill. If you need a large grill, the price could be pretty hefty. You can make your own grill for the fraction of the cost. There are many methods to make a homemade grill. The method we will discuss uses a metallic can, such as a large coffee can, and is fairly easy to make.

Step 1 - Poke Holes

Remove the cover and lid from the can. Allow the can to soak for a few minutes to remove any glue and whatever else might be on the can. Thoroughly cleanse the can and make sure it is clean. Using the can opener, poke several holes in the sides of the can. You want to poke many holes, so make at least twenty-five. Do not poke holes in the bottom of the can. This will be used as the cooking surface.

Step 2 - Measure a Lid

If you are using the drum barrel method, measure one-quarter of the barrel and mark it with either a marker or masking tape. This section will be the lid of the charcoal grill. Then, you can cut out the section you just measured and mark it with the reciprocating saw. Sand down the rough edges using the grinder.

Step 3 - Install Rods

A charcoal grill.

Now its time to install the rods for the grilling surface. You will need to weld a metal bar on each corner and two in the middle. Weld rough edges to prevent grill users from getting hurt. Place the metal mesh on top to serve as your cooking surface.

Attach the lid to the charcoal grill using the hinges you will need to install the handles on the lid. Open and close the lid to verify it is correctly installed. Next you are going to weld the base to the bottom of the charcoal grill. You can build a base out of metal bars and anchor a piece of mesh or more metal bars at the bottom. Test for sturdiness.

Step 4 - Start Your Fire

Stack your charcoal in a pyramid on a non flammable surface. Then, evenly coat your charcoal pyramid with lighter fluid. Using either matches or a grilling lighter, light your charcoal. Allow the fire to subside and wait for the charcoal to get hot.

When the charcoals are hot and begin to ash, place your can, open side down over the charcoal. Be sure you exercise extreme caution because the coals are hot.

Note about Protective Gear

Always protect yourself. Wear protective gear if you will be handling power tools and welding equipment as the second method calls for. Handle hot objects with care and use oven mitts when necessary. All food surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use.