How to Make a Homemade Crown Molding Shelf How to Make a Homemade Crown Molding Shelf

What You'll Need
Crown molding
Tape measure
Miter box
Wood glue
Wood for shelf
Brackets or eye hooks
Wood putty

Making a crown molding shelf will require quite a few items from your local home improvement store. Make sure you have all of your materials before you get started.

Step 1 — Take Measurements for the Crown Molding Shelf

The most important part of building any shelf is making sure that you take proper measurements. You don’t want to get through with the construction of the shelf and realize that it is too long or too short for the desired location. Use your tape measure and draw a light line on the wall with a pencil. Mark the two end points for the crown molding shelf.

Step 2 — Cut the Crown Molding to Size

You can now cut the crown molding. If you are using a miter saw, you should place the molding upside down on the saw to get the proper cut. If you are not using a miter saw, you can cut the pieces of molding to size and then miter the edges later. Cut the corners to a 45-degree angle.

Step 3 — Drill the Molding Together

You first need to drill pilot holes for where the small screws will go that will hold the three pieces of molding together. After you drill the holes, you will use wood glue to glue the three pieces together. They will need to dry for a bit. You will then screw the crown molding together to form the front of the shelf.

Step 4 — Assemble the Shelf

Because you had to measure side pieces of crown molding, you should have already measured the wood that will make the base of the shelf. The best-looking shelves are rather shallow. The length can vary, but a crown molding shelf usually looks best when it sits close to the wall.

Now cut the wood that you will attach to the crown molding to make a shelf. Again drill pilot holes where you will attach the wood to the crown molding. Then use the wood glue to glue the shelf in place. Allow it to dry for a bit; then screw the board to the crown molding. If your screws are going into the front of the molding, you will want to countersink the screws and cover them with woody putty.

Step 5 — Sand and Finish the Shelf

Lightly sand the entire shelf and paint or stain it a nice color to match the décor of the room.

Step 6 — Hang Your Crown Molding Shelf

Once the shelf is finished and dry, you will attach it to the wall. The material of the wall determines the way you hang the shelf, but you can use a variety of brackets or eye hooks. That’s it. Your crown molding shelf has accented your room, and you can display photographs or small trinkets on it. 

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