How To Make A Homemade Hammock

What You'll Need
Hammock Stand (if not using trees)
PVC Pipe
Nylon Rope
2 heavy duty, screw in rings
Sewing Machine
Heavy duty thread
8 Grommets
Grommet Setting Tool
Galvanized Bolts
Heavy Duty D-Rings (optional)

A homemade hammock is not only an inexpensive form of comfort, but also makes for a wonderful summer project. You need little skill to throw this one together. Below are some basic instructions on how to put together your own cheap, good quality homemade hammock.

Step 1 – Location

If hanging from trees in your yard, the trees need to be at least a full 10 feet apart, maybe even closer to 15 feet apart, depending on the size you want your hammock to be. Be sure that the trees are large and sturdy enough to support the full weight of whomever you expect to be using the hammock (even multiple people at once).

If you don’t have adequate trees, the posts on a deck or porch often work just fine, assuming they are positioned right and have the proper space between them. You can also construct a homemade hammock stand relatively easy with some 4x4 boards and basic tools.

Step 2 – Prep The Canvas

Your canvas should be heavy-duty but smooth on at least one side. The average hammock uses 3 ½ to 4 yards of canvas, though you may need more or less depending on the size you wish to make.

Fold each end of your canvas over itself by about 3 or 4 inches—you’ll be sliding PVC pipe through the overlap, so be sure its big enough for the pipe to fit. With heavy duty thread, sew both ends of your canvas down.

Step 3 – PVC Pipe

Your PVC pipe should be about an inch or 2 longer than your canvas is wide. In the center of the pipe, drill a hole straight through from one side to the other. Insert the pipe into the sleeve you sewed into the canvas. Where the holes in the pipe meet the canvas, cut holes into the canvas itself. Install a grommet in each hole using a grommet setting tool and a hammer.

Slide your PVC pipe back into the sleeves (if you removed it for the grommets), and attach a bolt through each end of both pipes. This will keep your canvas from bunching up on the pipe.  

Step 3 – Attach The Rings

Wherever you decided to hang your hammock—whether between trees, between posts or even between one tree and a porchs post—you’ll need to install rings. Be sure that they are high enough that the hammock won’t sag to the ground when somebody sits in it.

Step 4 – Tying It Up

Pass your rope through each end of your hammock. It is a good idea to tie it off to itself just short of reaching the rings, then tie the remaining rope to the ring itself. Another option is to tie each end off to a heavy duty D-ring and attach that to the ring on your tree or post. This allows for your hammock to be easily removed during the winter or bad weather.