How to Make a Homemade Water Chiller from a Chest Freezer

What You'll Need
Chest Freezer
Plastic Tubing / Hose (15-mm Inner Diameter)
Metal Pipe
Water Pump

A water chiller can cost a lot of money, but there is a way to lessen the cost, and that is by making a homemade version using a chest Freezer. This project may sound impossible, but it has been tested by many do-it-yourselfers and it works.

Step 1 – Planning

Plan the creation of the homemade water chiller. Locate the water tank and decide where to install the water pump and the chest freezer. These two should be situated at the shortest possible distance from the water tank. Keep in mind that the shorter the connecting pipes are, the less likely they will absorb heat from the atmosphere and interfere with the chilling process.

The concept here is to allow the water pump to suck water from the tank, direct it towards the freezer through the plastic tubing, and have it dwell inside the freezer for a period of time before it gets redirected back to the tank. This process cools the water in the tank without using any commercial water chillers.

Install the water pump to the planned location. 

Step 2 – Measuring the Supply Lines

Measure the distance from the tank to the pump, from the pump to the freezer, and the freezer back to the tank. Afterwards, add 10-20 meters to the calculation. This length of tubing will be inserted into the freezer and wrapped around the metal pipe. Bear in mind: longer tubing provides faster cooling effect. Purchase the required length of tubing and start connecting.

Step 3 – Making the Connections

Cut some plastic tubing and connect the water pump to the water tank. Now connect one end of the remaining length to the water pump and pull the tubing towards the freezer. To insert the tubing into the freezer, drill two holes on each side large enough to accommodate the entire diameter of tubing, but not too big to allow air to enter or escape.

Insert the tubing into the freezer and wrap about 10 to 20M of it to the metal pipe. Insert the remaining length of the tubing into the other hole and pull it out of the freezer. Close the lid and pull the tubing back into the water tank.

Step 4 – Testing

Turn the freezer on and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Turn on the water pump and inspect all connections for leaks. As the water gets sucked by the pump, it gets directed into the freezer for cooling, and goes back to the tank chilled. Check if the temperature inside the tank is as it should be.

Step 5 – Adjusting the Temperature

There are two methods to adjust the temperature of the water. One method is to adjust the thermostat inside the freezer. The other method is to adjust the length of the tubing inside the freezer. After an hour or so, check if the temperature of the water is where you want it.