How to Make a Kids' Playhouse out of Cardboard

children playing with a cardboard house
What You'll Need
Large cardboard box
Sharp knife
Non-toxic paint

A large cardboard box can make a terrific kids playhouse. A box is easy to transform, and with this main ingredient, a playhouse costs practically nothing to make. Follow the simple steps below for an afternoon project.

Step 1 - Find a Box

Choose a box that is about a foot bigger than your child. Appliance stores are a perfect place to start looking.

Step 2 - Cut Doors and Windows

cutting a piece of cardboard

Use the knife or scissors to cut a door and window into the box. Be careful using sharp instruments. Make sure that you leave one side or a portion of the door uncut and attached so that it will swing open and closed.

Step 3 - Paint Exterior

Use the paint and paintbrush to add color to the box. Choose either a favorite color of your child or an appropriate house color. Apply a different color of paint for door and window trim. Finally, paint on any flowers, bushes or other decorations around the house.

Step 4 - Decorate Interior

Use the paint and paintbrush to add interior features to the playhouse, like wall art, furniture and appliances.

Step 5 - Add Furniture

Place a small table and some cushions for chairs inside the playhouse. Add any other play items that your child might like. Be sure all paint is dry before you allow your child to enter the enclosed space.