How to Make a Kitchen Composter How to Make a Kitchen Composter

What You'll Need
A plastic storage bin between 10 and 18 gallons.
Small household drill.
Shredded newspaper.
Soil or fertilized potting soil.

Having the knowledge of how to make a kitchen composter can be a great first step to going green. By composting the scraps of food and waste in your kitchen you can create organic soil for your home garden. Making your own kitchen composter will also help to reduce the waste that leaves your home with the trash and makes it's way into the already overly polluted landfills.

Step 1 – Find a Location for Your Kitchen Composter

You do not have to keep your kitchen composter in the kitchen. If you have room you can place the kitchen composter on a back patio beside the kitchen door or just outside the back door of your kitchen. The idea here is to keep the kitchen composter within easy reach for disposing of kitchen scraps.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Kitchen Composter Bin

You will need to get a plastic storage bin. Many general home stores carry 10 or 18 gallon bins in their home organization departments. A 10 gallon bin is the smallest you will want to go while the 18 gallon is a good size for medium or large amounts of kitchen compost. Since air must flow through the compost you will want to drill holes around the bin. A line of small drill holes moving around the entire kitchen composter bin will work just fine. They do not have to be large holes. You are just trying to get air flowing into the bin and to the kitchen compost.

Step 3 – Start Filling the Kitchen Composter

Start off your compost bin with a layer of shredded newspaper and soil or fertilized soil. Put the lid on your kitchen composter bin and shake well to mix up the newspaper and soil mixture. Place the kitchen composter bin in the desired location and begin adding compost. The compost can be any sort of food or organic kitchen scrap. You can also add yard scraps such as weeds, grass trimmings, and weeds to the kitchen composter.

Step 4 – Maintain Your Kitchen Composter

Maintenance for your kitchen composter is easy. Every other day go to your bin and while holding the lid firmly in place shake the bin a few times. This lets the compost move around a bit and allows air to get between the layers. You can also move the contents of your kitchen composter around with a small garden shovel but shaking the kitchen composter works just as well.

After a month or so of steady composting you will be able to use the new compost from your kitchen composter bin. It is best to sift the compost from the bin prior to use. The compost can remain in the new kitchen composter bin year round and does not need special climate conditions. Remember to add newspaper each time you add particularly wet compost to the kitchen composter.

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