How to Make a Kitchen Knife Block Part 1 How to Make a Kitchen Knife Block Part 1

What You'll Need
Block of wood
Paper and pencil
Hand drill

A kitchen knife block is a helpful accessory you can use to organize knives that range in size and shape and are made for various uses. While there are several knife blocks available for sale, they are usually standardized and may not accommodate your entire collection. Moreover, some knives may fit loosely or not fit in the available space at all. To avoid these problems, follow the simple instructions below to build the base of your own kitchen knife block.

Step 1 -  Sketch the Knife Block

Start off by sketching the shape of the knife block you will be creating. Jot down the measurements of the tallest and biggest knives you would like to store in it. You may wish to use more than just one block of wood, especially if you would like to store several knives. In such a case. decide how you will be combining them together for an appealing shape and to make the best use of the space at the same time so your final product doesn't look too bulky.

Step 2 - Acquire the Wood

Next, acquire the wood you need to make your knife block. Choose a type of wood that is easy to work with and that can match well with your kitchen cupboards and accessories.

Step 3 - Cut the Wood

Your next step is to cut the wood in the dimensions required to form a block. At this point, make sure to follow the sketch you drew so as to cut the wood in the correct dimensions for height, width and thickness. These may vary in different parts of the block depending on the knives which you will be inserting. So try to be as accurate as possible.

Step 4 - Mark the Specific Areas

Once you have cut the blocks of wood, divide each one into parts by marking them lightly with a carpenter pencil. This will help to guide you to form the final shape of the knife block.

By following these first few simple steps, you will have already created the basis of your knife block. In Part 2, you will add slots and finish the project.

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