How to Make a Lapidary Grinding Wheel Cooling System

What You'll Need
Table fan
Tray for water
Electric cable

A lapidary grinding wheel needs a suitable cooling system to prevent it from getting too hot. The lapidary system is a device for grinding stones which allows the user to tumble semi-precious stones (for example), and the grinding of stones in this manner has been a tradition for many centuries. Lapidary grinding wheels are typically controlled by electric motors, which turn a pulley on a belt. All of these things can overheat very quickly and so making a cooling system for your lapidary grinding machine is essential. Making a cooling system can be achieved by those with basic home improvement skills, and following a few simple guidelines can help you to complete this job quickly and simply.

Step 1 - Get Your Fan

The first thing that needs to be done is to install the fan in the correct position. Measure the height of your lapidary system, and then measure the height of the fan, adjusting until you have the perfect height. You will now need to screw the fan onto the table so that it can cool the tray of water which will be your main cooling system. Take a bracket and a screw, and screw it into the tabletop until it is firm. You should then attach the fan to the bracket, and screw it down tightly. Keep it fixed tightly into the right position.

Step 2 - Plug in Your Fan

Next, you need to trail the plug from your fan down to the floor, and connect this to an electric socket using an extension cord. Be careful when laying the cord, as it can sometimes be a risk to others, people may trip over a cord which is not carefully tucked away, or it may become damaged by people walking over it. Once your cord is secure, you can proceed.

Step 3- Place Your Water Tray

Turn on the fan, and then adjust your water tray up and down the machine until it is being cooled by the air blown by the fan. Your fan should be lightly hitting the water without making large waves which might hit the electric motor. When you have the tray in the right position, you should add a layer of glue to the bottom of the tray, and hold it in position on the table top until it sets. You can now place your lapidary grinding machine above the tray, and use this to add a layer of cool water to the belt whenever you need. Cool air will blow up from the water, carrying moisture droplets, which will help to keep the stones smoothly grinding, and also help to prevent the motor from overheating.

Step 4 - Finishing

Now you have your lapidary grinding wheel cooling system, you can use the machine whenever you need. In addition, as the cooling system is all attached to the one table, you can use it with different machines, simply removing and replacing grinders as you desire. This can be useful for people who grind stones to different sizes.