How to Make a Latex Mattress

What You'll Need
Latex mixture
Stirring tool
Heat source

If you are considering buying a new mattress for your bedroom, but are reluctant to go through the motions of purchasing a feather mattress, or you are allergic to the things that most mattresses contain, then you may consider making your own latex mattress. This can seem a bit daunting if you have never made a latex model of anything before, but it can be a very useful device, and something which will last for a long time. Rather than purchase a mattress, which can cost the earth, you can make your own using some simple pieces of kit. If you have the basic knowledge of home improvement, and are ready to follow some simple guidelines, then you can make your very own latex mattress.

Step 1 - Warm Up the Latex

Begin the process by placing your latex mixture in a pan, and warming it up. You will have specific instructions on how to manage the mixture on the packet, and as this can differ between products, you should pay attention to those guidelines. You may need to add something like water, or another liquid, in order to produce a sort of paste which will form the mold. Pour the mixture and whatever else you will need to make the latex into a pan, which will have to be thrown away (or kept for the next time you need a latex mattress).

Step 2- Prepare the Mold

You should have a mattress mold into which you will pour your latex make. In order to get the mattress out of the mold, you will need to have applied a grease to it before you add the latex, While the paste is being warmed, you should rub the surface of the mold with this grease, taking care to cover the bottom of the shape, and the sides. Leave the mold to one side while you wait for the latex, ensuring that it lays on a flat, level surface.

Step 3 - Pour Latex into the Mold

Stir the latex mixture slowly as it warms through, until it reaches the right heat. A spoon, or a ladle will be ideal to stir. Once the mixture reaches the correct heat, pour it into the mold. You will need to use the stirring tool to spread out the liquid into the mold,making sure that it is all even. When the mold is even, leave to dry.

Step 4 - Remove the Mattress

Leave the latex in the mold until it is completely dry. Don't attempt to move the mattress until it has dried thoroughly, otherwise you may distort the final shape of your latex. When you remove the molded material from the mold, you should thoroughly grease the molding base, and leave to dry. Clean the mattress, and cut away any excessive lines which have formed in the latex.