How to Make a Lattice Mirror

What You'll Need
Lattice work
Flat molding
Tack nails
Wood glue
Measuring tape
Super bonding glue

A lattice mirror can be a beautiful addition to nearly any home or garden decor. It is especially beautiful in a home with strong country or rustic accents. This type of mirror can be expensive in stores, but to make one yourself can take no time at all and very little money. The following article will show you how to make your own lattice mirror.

Step 1 - Cutting the Lattice Work

Determine how large you want your lattice backing to be for your mirror. It can be a little larger than the mirror or much larger. The choice is up to you. Measure the size of the mirror you are planning to mount. Transfer those measurements to the lattice work you are using. With these measurements in place you can better determine how large of piece you want. Once you figure it out use the saw to cut the lattice to the proper size. Feel free to sand the edges if they are a little rough.

Step 2 - Framing

You will be using the molding you picked out as the frame of the lattice. The mirror will fit inside the finished piece. Measure the total length of one side of the lattice work you cut previously. You will cut two pieces of molding to that size. Repeat this step for the top and bottom of the lattice work. The molding needs to be able to fit together so cut each end to an angle of roughly 45 degrees.

Test fit the pieces together and trim or sand as needed. Position one of the cut pieces of molding on the lattice so that the bottom of the molding is flush with the outside edge of the lattice. Use the hammer and tack nails to secure the piece in place. Repeat with the remaining pieces of molding until the entire perimeter of the lattice work is framed out.

Step 3 - Painting

If you want to paint the lattice and molding this is when you want to do it. You can paint it whatever color you like but let it dry completely before continuing. Getting wet paint on the mirror can ruin the final project.

Step 4 - The Hangers

The lattice mirror will be displayed on a wall and, as such, needs hooks to do so. Turn the lattice assembly over to decide on the orientation. Place one hook on each end, equidistant from the top and about 3 inches from either side. Use the hammer and tack nails again.

Step 5 - Adding the Mirror

Since you are working with lattice, the security of the mirror is important because you do not want it to fall. You could use wood glue but the weight of the mirror could cause the glue to fail so use the super bond glue. Place the mirror where you want it then remove it. Dot the lattice work with the glue and wait a minute. Press the mirror in place and apply firm pressure for 30 seconds.