How to Make a Lined Gravel Path Part 2 How to Make a Lined Gravel Path Part 2

What You'll Need
Edging (Wooden Boards)
Stakes or Pegs for the Edging
Drainage Underlayment
Scissors or Utility Knife
Hand Compactor

This is the second and final part of a 2-part article dealing with lining a gravel path. In the preceding article, the process of clearing a path for the gravel and laying the edging was discussed. This article will focus on the steps involved in securing the boards and pouring the gravel that will make up the lined gravel path. (To return to Part 1, click here.)

Once you have completed this part of the process for your lined gravel path you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and have a nice landscaped addition to your home. These last steps will give you the finish and final look that you desire for your walkway.

Step 1: Securing the Boards

At the end of the last article you placed the edging boards into the ground to create the outer barrier for your lined gravel path. In this part of the process, you need to secure those boards to the stakes so that the edging does not move and give way over time. This is done by taking a drill and drilling holes through the center of the stake and the edging. Do this for each of the stakes that you have placed in the ground next to the edging.

With the holes drilled, you need to place a galvanized screw inside, and using a screwdriver, secure the stakes to the edging. You want to use hot-dipped galvanized screws because they are designed not to rust quickly, which could in turn cause the edging to rot and split over time.

Step 2: Pour the Gravel

With the stakes secured to the edging for your pathway, it is time to pour the gravel over the top. This is done by taking a bag of gravel and simply pouring it over the top of the drainage underlayment that you put down in the previous article. You want to make sure to pour enough gravel into the channel to cover the underlayment. Use a rake or shovel to pack the gravel down and spread it evenly throughout the path.

Step 3: Compact the Gravel

Now that you have poured the gravel into the pathway and spread it out as evenly as you can, use the hand compactor to press the loose upper layer of gravel down. Hold the compactor with both hands and using sudden downward force, strike the surface of the path hard and often. You will repeat this process throughout the entire path. This will help move loose gravel and jagged and irregularly shaped gravel, forcing it to the bottom of the path.

When you have completed this process take a water hose and pour it over the entire path, and then allow it to dry. This will complete the construction of your lined gravel path, which now is ready for you to use.

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