How to Make a Loft Bed

children's loft bed
What You'll Need
4 8-foot long construction-grade or pine 4x4s
4x8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood
3 2x6x8s
3 8-foot-long 1-by-3.5 inch finished lumber boards
Lag bolts
1-and-5/8 inch drywall screws
Saw for cutting wood
Carpenter's square
Drill and 1/4 inch bit
Extra lumber and screws for ladder (optional)

Building a loft bed is the perfect way to increase space in a smaller bedroom. While most loft beds are used in kid’s rooms to create space for a desk underneath to complete homework on, they’re also the perfect solution for bachelors with cozy apartments. Follow the guide below to get started creating your own loft bed with a twin mattress.

Warning: When making your loft bed, do not use any chemically treated lumber. This type of lumber is for outside use only. In addition, do not use any nails in this construction.

Step 1 – Cut the 2x6s

Twin mattresses typically measure 38-by-76 inches. Because you will want to have about 1 inch of space leftover around all sides of the mattress, to sit properly on the platform, cut the length of two of the 2x6s to 78 inches. Then, cut the other 2x6s to a length of 37 inches.

Step 2 – Build the Box

Build the box by overlapping the shorter sections of wood with the longer sections, so that the finished box will measure 40-by-78 inches. Secure the boards together with three drywall screws in each corner.

Step 3 – Cut Plywood and Secure With Screws

Next, cut your plywood to fit the box. Use drywall screws to secure the plywood to the box at 2-foot intervals around the perimeter.

Step 4 – Position the 4x4s

Lay the 4x4s down side by side, with one end butted up against the wall. Then, strike a level line across all four pieces of lumber with a square and a pencil by measuring down 44 inches. Then, position two of the 4x4s so that their outer edges are parallel and 78-inches apart.

Step 5 – Drill Holes and Connect Posts

With a helping hand, tilt the platform onto the posts, so that the top of the plywood is touching the lines on the posts. With a drill and a 1/4 inch bit, drill two holes through the 2x6s and halfway through the 4x4s. Then, connect the posts to the platform by using the lag bolts. Repeat this step for the other side of the platform.

Step 6 ­– Slide the Frame Into Place

Finally, lift the frame and position it into place. Slide the mattress on top, and you’re finished.

Step 7 – Build a Ladder

For easy access to your new loft bed, build a simple loft ladder. You can measure and cut a few 2x4s and screw them onto one side, joining two posts. Not only will this construction eliminate the need for an additional ladder that can take up more floor space, but also it helps strengthen the foundation of your homemade loft.

Dave Donovan is a freelance copywriter living in Atco, New Jersey. An electrician for 15 years, Donovan was forced to pursue his true passion, writing, after an injury.