How to Make a Log Bench

What You'll Need
Log 2 feet in diameter (preferably a hard wood like elm, cedar or oak)
Tape measure
Power Drill
8-inch lag screws (4)

Make a log bench to create both a place to sit and beautiful space filler. Read on to learn to create a lasting bench that will seat you and others for many years to come. You will need some basic skills and tools for this project, but the process will be simple.

Step 1 - Halving the Log

Measure the diameter of the log and mark the half way point. Use your chain saw to cut the log in half lengthwise.

Step 2 - Cutting the Top Half

If you’re using a log that originally had a 2 foot diameter you should now have 2 log halves that come a foot off the ground when laid flatly on their newly cut sides. Put one of the halves aside for now. With its flat side up measure one of your halves and mark it 9 inches from the flat side. Cut along the marked line the entire length of the log. The result should be a 9 inch thick piece of wood with both the top and bottom flat.

Step 3 - Cutting the Bottom Half

With the other half of the log lay it flat side down and make a mark halfway up the log, 6 inches. Cut length wise, giving you a 6 inch thick piece of wood with a flat top and bottom as well.

Step 4 - Drilling

You’ll need a drill head that will drill 8 inches into wood. It’s also very important to make sure your drill head has the same diameter as your lag screws. Set the larger piece of wood down so that the wider side is on the ground. Place the smaller piece atop the larger one, this time with the larger end facing upwards. Align the pieces as perfectly as you can and mark 4 spots about 6 inches to a foot in from the outer edges, length wise. Make sure your holes are evenly spaced and that, if you drilled into them, you’d go into the piece of wood on the bottom. If your holes match these criteria then you are ready to drill. Drill down 7 1/2 inches, you should be getting an inch and a half into the lower log. Get your screws and screw them all the way into your holes. The two pieces should now be securely fastened to each other and the screws should be far enough in to be flush with the surface of the wood.

Step 5 - Flip and Sit

Flip the entire thing over so the parts with the screw heads are on the ground. Sit down and enjoy your new log cabin furniture.