How to Make a Luxury Bed How to Make a Luxury Bed

There may be no better feeling than falling into a luxury bed at night. Whether it has satin sheets or a big old comforter that resembles one that you had as a child, a luxury bed is a welcomed site.

Learning how to create a luxury bed if you don't have one presently can be a fun and easy task for anyone, regardless if you are a professional decorator or an interior designer. There are some simple steps that can make the process enjoyable and the outcome something you will long cherish.

The Bed

First, start by either purchasing a new bed frame or stick with the one you already have. A bed frame, be it a water bed, or a sleigh bed, creates the ultimate overall ambiance of the bedroom. Be sure that if you do choose a new style that it interacts well with the rest of the furniture in the room such as dressers, night stands and lamps.

The Walls

Next, you will want to either paint the walls a relaxing color like mauve, pale yellow or a hue that relaxes you, or perhaps opt for putting up wallpaper that reflects your personal style. Some people like to paint faux finishes and scenery on their bedroom walls to make a different kind of statement.

Perfect Sheets

Follow these steps with purchasing special bed sheets that also reflect your personal taste. For example, if you like contemporary styles go for abstract patterns or if you like country-western, go for denim and/or flower prints and patterns. The higher the thread count in the sheets, the softer and more comfortable they will feel on your body. Be sure you choose sheets that fit your bed correctly by measuring the mattress before purchasing.

Pillows Galore

You can also add luxury to your bed by adorning it with pillow shams, extra pillows and a variety of decorative pillows. Some people like to add throws like knitted blankets for added warmth.

Bedskirts and More

Bedskirts and custom-made headboards and footboards to match the rest of the room’s decor are also another way of creating the ultimate luxurious setting. Bedskirts work well in hiding bed frames and boxed sets, and they can also add a completed overall appearance to the bed itself.

Other Choices

Other items to think about include down comforters or quilts depending on what you like on a cold winter's evening. Both types of bedding come in a variety of colors, materials, patterns, and price points. Home stores carry everything from flowered quilts like grandma used to make to luxurious brocade comforters that resemble something a king or queen might have on their own bed in a castle.

In the end, creating a luxury bed and bedroom can be a fun task for you. And once the bed and bedroom is completed, it will no doubt be one -- if not the most favorite -- room of your home for some good R & R.


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