How to Make a Marble Tile Mosaic Medallion

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Creating marble tile mosaics is an ancient art that can become a focal point of any room. A mosaic medallion is an intricate design that will add interest to your floor. You can create medallions in any style or pattern. For instance, a marble tile medallion can form pictures or company logos, or it could create a geometric design for your floor. Read below for instructions on creating your own marble tile mosaic.

Plan the Design

Before you actually start building your marble tile mosaic, you should design the mural you want to create. If you play around with mosaics, you will find they are very versatile and can be used to create lots of different designs. You can cut the tiny tiles into any shape to create interesting designs.

First, measure the size of your floor and use a piece of paper to plan your design. You may find graph or grid paper helpful for keeping the design in proportion. You can use colored pencils to mark different colors and create the entire look of your floor.

Mark Out the Floor

After you finish your design on paper, you should plot it out on the floor. Use some chalk to mark the basic design on the floor so you know roughly where everything will go.

Prepare the Marble Tile

Next, you need to prepare the tiles to be fixed to the floor. Make sure they are cut to the right size. You might need to slightly trim the tiles again later to make sure they fit properly.

Prepare the Floor

Spread tile adhesive over a small area of the floor and start making your design with the colored tiles. Don't try to complete the whole floor at the same time because this will cause you to get in a mess. Concentrate on an individual area at a time.

Fix the Marble Tiles

Press the tiles down so that they are firmly stuck into the adhesive. If you accidentally put the tiles in the wrong position, you can pick them off and stick them somewhere else.

Be sure to clean off the excess adhesive from the surface of the marble tile mosaic before it has a chance to dry. Once the adhesive dries, it will be very difficult to remove.

Apply the Grout

When the tiles are stuck in place, you will need to allow them to dry. Then use the tile grout to fill the gaps in between the tiles. Press the grout into all of the gaps. Then remove any excess by using a scraper or a sponge.

Use a sponge of a scraper to polish the surface of the marble tile mosaic to make sure that you remove any grout from the face of the tile. Grout left on the tiles can cause a slightly cloudy appearance.