How to Make a Metal Swivel Bar Stool

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Seat cushions
Seat frames
Screws for metal and wood
Wood glue
360 degree Swivel
Welding torch
Cross pieces

Making a metal swivel bar stool is quite a big task and requires some craftsmanship. The advantages to metal bar stools are that they are very strong, can hold a lot of weight, last for years, and can be used in outdoor settings. Metal bar stools have a more modern look and can update any home, and the swivel mechanism makes it fun to have. But at the same time they are more expensive and difficult to make than wooden bar stools. Still, because metal bar stools do last for a long time, they are worth the investment and extra effort.

Step 1 – Make Decisions

Pick out the fabric you want to use for the cushion of your bar stool and decide on whether you want a round seat or a square seat. The shape of the seat will make a difference in construction, so be sure to make that decision early.

Step 2 – Measure

Use a tape measure to get the height from the underside of the bar ledge to the floor and minus 16 inches. This will give you the height of the seat top from the floor. To get the length of the leg of the bar stool, subtract the height of the seat cushion with the thickness of the swivel plate from the height of the seat top.

Step 3 – Frames

Put the bar stool frames together starting from the bottom. Weld the legs to the frame. If you decided on a round cushion, then its frame will be 1 inch smaller than the cushion, and will need 4 crossbars. Square cushion frames will need to be welded at its 4 corners with 2 crossbars placed diagonally from the corners.

Step 4 – Swivel

Use metal screws and nuts to attach the 360 degree swivel to the crossbars. Test out the swivel to make sure it is secure and working properly before proceeding.

Step 5 – Install Cushions

Put screws into the cushion base through the swivel, tightening the screws 75% of the way. Check to see that the cushion and swivel are moving in sync before going on to the next step. If they are working properly together, then tighten the screws all the way.

Step 6 – Bar Stool Backs

The last thing you have to do is attach the backs and you are finished. Screw the bar stool backs to the cushion frames using 1 inch wood screws. Use wood glue to seal.

Step 7 – Place Bar Stools

You can now enjoy your new metal swivel bar stools. Keep them inside throughout the year or bring them outdoors in warm weather while entertaining. The fact that they can be used both indoors and outdoors makes them very versatile.