How to Make a Mirrored Coffee Table

What You'll Need
Lumber (type depends on your decision)
Wood screws
Stain or paint
Finish coat
Tape measure
Mirror glass cut to size
Heavy duty Velcro
Clear glass cut to size
Small glass clamps

Adding a mirrored coffee table to your room of choice is a great option. There are endless options in building a coffee table yourself. You can choose the size, the lumber, and the finish.

Explore the steps below to find out how to build a mirrored coffee table to add a bit of stylish design to your area.

Step 1 - Design Your Table

The first thing you need to do, is decide how big you want your coffee table, as well as what type of lumber to use.

Step 2 - Start Cutting

After you have decided the size, and purchased the type of lumber you want to use, you will want to start to cut the legs and frame to meet the size you are looking for.

Step 3 - Attach it Together

After all your pieces have been cut, you will want to attach the legs and the base of the table frame. You can do this by using glue, as well as dowels.

Step 4 - Build a Top

After the legs and frame are done, you will want to measure the entire area that your top will need to cover. Cut a flat surface area to fit those measurements. Attach the flat surface to the frame using screws to secure it into place.

Step 5 - Sand it Down

Now that your basic coffee table has been built, it is time to sand it down. You will want to sand it using different grits of sandpaper, until the end project is a smooth, and flat surface.

Step 6 - Stain or Paint

It's your decision whether you want to paint or stain your coffee table. Either choice is a good one, as long as you give it a good paint job. You will probably want to give it two coats of paint to get the best end result. Then you will want to finish with a clear finish coat.

Step 7 - Measure for the Glass

You're coffee table should look great at this point, but it's time to make it even more beautiful.

Measure the flat surface that was applied to the frame to create your table top. Then bring those measurements into a glass shop and have a piece of mirrored glass cut to that size, and then the edges beveled.

At the same time you are getting the mirrored glass cut, you should have a clear glass surface cut to those measurements as well to use in step 9.

Step 8 - Velcro

You will want to take the cut piece of glass and attach it to the table using heavy duty Velcro. Using Velcro allows you to change the look at anytime.

Step 9 - Add Another Piece of Glass

The final step is to attach the clear glass you had cut and to the mirrored glass using small glass clamps to do so.

There you have it. A stylish, and decorative addition to any room.