How to Make a Mosquito Net Canopy for a Bed

What You'll Need
Mosquito netting or sheer close-weave muslin type cloth
Sewing machine
Large screw hook
Needle and thread
Tape measure
A-frame ladder
Note pad and pen

The danger that insects can pose to your health can make a mosquito net canopy a necessity to protect yourself whilst you sleep. By following the steps it takes to make a canopy, you can feel safer and create a cozy addition to your bed.

Step 1 – Measure

For a mosquito net canopy to work sufficiently, it must be large to enough to fully cover the entire bed to a height of no more than a foot from the floor. Have a note pad and pen handy so that you don’t forget any of the dimensions. Measure the height from the ceiling to where the end of the canopy will fall, remembering that it will need to drape. Also take down the measurement of the circumference of the bed. With all these details. You will be in a position to purchase the correct amount of netting. Keep in mind that you should purchase slightly more than necessary in case of any mistakes, and to take the hem into account.

Step 2 – Sew

Depending on the manner in which the netting is cut, you may need to hem the edges to prevent the mosquito net from fraying. Once this has been done, lay out the netting on a flat area that is large enough to accommodate the full extent of it. This will make it easier to find the exact center of the netting so you know where it is to be hung from. Mark the position with a pencil. Cut a small strip of material from the edge of the netting of approximately 3 inches or use a small scrap of any other hardwearing material you may have. Form it into a loop and stitch it to the center of the netting on the side that is to be facing outward so that the mosquito net canopy can hang evenly.

Step 3 – Fit Hook

Make sure that you are happy with the position of the bed before going any further with fitting the mosquito net canopy. If you are unable to reach the ceiling by standing on the bed, securely plant the A-frame ladder to reach the ceiling and mark the spot that corresponds with the middle of the bed. If possible, screw the hook into place by hand whilst wearing a glove on your free hand to create friction to steady yourself. Where this is not possible, move the bed out of the way and climb the ladder with the drill to screw the hook into place.     

Step 4 – Hang Canopy

Once the hook is securely in place, hang the mosquito net canopy on the hook by the looped tab that you have created. Once back on the floor, spread out the material so that it drapes around the bed properly.