How to Make a Motorcycle Cover

What You'll Need
Strong Plastic Fabric
Fishing Line
Large Gauge Sewing Needle
Tape Measure

One of the necessities of owning a motorcycle is to also have a quality motorcycle cover to keep it out of the sun, rain, and cold weather. There are times when you simply want to cover your bike instead of pulling into a garage, or storing it off your property. A cover is an invaluable item for stopping the fading of your paint, keeping rain off of the motorcycle, protection from dust, and eliminating scratches while storing. 

Some motorcycle covers can be quite expensive. If you do not have the money at the time you can save a bundle by sewing your own motorcycle cover. This can be done with relatively inexpensive plastic material and some fishing line. If you need a motorcycle cover, and want to make your own, here are some steps to sew it yourself.

Step 1: Measure for Fabric Needed

Using a cloth tape measure, measure the entire length of the motorcycle you want to sew the cover for. After you have the measurement, then take a measurement for the height of the motorcycle. This should be two separate measurements for the ground to the seat, and the ground to the top of the handlebars, or windshield if one is included. Add another 4 inches to all of the measurements. Once you have the measurements you can then buy some plastic like fabric.

Step 2: Cut Pieces of Motorcycle Cover

With the fabric in hand you can then transfer the measurements you have for ease of cutting. Use a marker and make clear lines to follow when cutting each piece. You should have 4 pieces of fabric to sew together. There should be one for the handlebar and windshield, one of for the sides and a small piece to connect the 2 sides atop the seat and gas tank area. 

Step 3: Sew Body Together

Lay one of the pieces that will make up the side of the motorcycle flat on the ground. The exterior of the fabric should be facing the floor. Fold the perimeter of the fabric in 2 inches to create a straight hem. Thread the heavy gauge needle with some fishing line and sew the hems all the way around. Do the same with the other body part. Once that is finished, lay the second piece on top of the first piece with the insides facing each other. Sew the body parts together all around the perimeter of the cover.

Step 4: Sew Handlebar Section On

Once the body panels are completed, sew the handlebar section onto the body piece. Follow the same procedure by sewing in a 2 inch hem before attaching it to the body section. Dry fit the motorcycle cover onto the bike to make sure it is going to fit. 

Step 5: Sew Seat Section onto Body Panels

To complete the motorcycle cover, you will need to sew the seat section onto the body panels. Again, start with a 2 inch hem around the entire perimeter. Then sew the seat section onto the body panel. Fit the motorcycle cover onto the bike and make any alterations you may need.