How to Make a New Patio Swing Canopy Cover

What You'll Need
Fabric for Canopy Cover Fringe
Large Sewing Needle
Heavy Duty Thread (for outdoor use)
Tape Measure
Tent Poles or Lightweight Aluminum Rods
Drill (if necessary)

A patio swing canopy provides protection from the elements and helps increase the life and usefulness of your patio swing. If you are in need of a patio swing canopy for you patio swing, you can purchase a custom made cover from a home improvement or garden center. If you feel adventurous, you can make a new patio swing canopy cover by hand.

Step 1: Measure the Patio Swing

Measure the width and length of the area where the canopy cover will be installed using the tape measure. These measurements are important because they will determine the amount of tarp that you need to purchase in order to make the cover. You will also need these measurements in order to determine how much material is needed for the fabric fringe.

The measurements should be as precise as possible. If necessary, measure twice in order to obtain the best measurements. When purchasing the tarp and other material, order a foot or more of the material in case you make a mistake when making the canopy cover.

Step 2: Obtain the Material and Cut out Pattern

Go to a sporting goods, home improvement, home and garden or fabric store in order to purchase the needed tarp and fabric for the canopy cover. Order more than enough material to match the measurements that you took in step #1.  

Cut the tarp to size using scissors. The tarp should be large enough to cover the patio swing completely when pulled tout. Use the tent poles or lightweight aluminum rods to give form to the tarp and strength. Attach the rods by placing them on the edge of the tarp and rolling up the sides. You will need 4 lengths of tent poles of aluminum rods, 2 short pieces for the sides and 2 long pieces for the front and the back. Secure the tarp to the poles using the large needle and thread. The thread will look like fishing line and should be strong enough to withstand outside conditions.

Step 3: Attach Fringe

For a decorative element, attach fabric to the side, back and front of the tarp as a decorative element. Use the scissors to cut the fringe and attach it to the tarp using the large sewing needle and heavy duty thread.

Step 4: Attach the Patio Cover Canopy

After you complete the fringe work, attach the cover to the patio swing. The canopy should be able to be secured to the exiting frame of the swing. Use a drill to create holes in order to secure the canopy to the swing. Use screws or bolts to firmly attach the canopy.

You should be able now to use the canopy and enjoy all types of weather conditions. Use bolts with wing nuts to make it easier to remove the canopy when you do not want to use it.