How to Make a No Sew Window Cornice

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Putty knife
Adhesive glue
Foam Board (craft store)
Batting and Fabric
Straight pins

Learning how to make a no sew cornice board is easier than you think. If you start with the right tools and measurements, you can have a new cornice board in no time.


Step 1 – Taking measurements

You will first need to measure across your window where you window treatments are located.  Add two inches to each side to be sure your cornice board is out far enough to have room beside your draperies or blinds. Be sure you allow room to cover the entire rod.

Next, take a measurement from the top and measure down how far you want your cornice board to come. Six inches is a good rule of thumb to use. Your next step is to take these two measurements to get your measurements for the sides. Set your board aside and measure the batting and fabric.

Step 2 - Adding definition

Take the center board and measure one to two inches from the top and bottom and make a straight horizontal line across at each marking. Take your knife, or scissors, and go along that line approximately ½ inch without going all the way through your board.

This is where you will tuck the fabric in the foam board to give it definition. Make the same indentations in the exact same places on the sides. Clean off any excess foam particles. You’re now ready to glue your cornice board together.

Step 3 - Gluing the board

Have your glue and toothpicks handy. Insert several toothpicks down the back where the ends will attach. Cover this area with adhesive glue, and press each sidepiece into the larger front piece. The pieces will be held into place. Let the pieces dry before covering with batting and fabric.

Step 4 - Covering your cornice board

Using your adhesive glue, cover the board and make a bead of glue down the indentions. Take your batting and place on the board. Smooth the center and then take your putty knife, and press the batting into the indentions. Turn the cornice board over and lay on fabric with the wrong side up. Start in the center being sure to get it even at the top and bottom allowing the same amount of fabric all around.

Cover the back of your board and cover again liberally with adhesive glue. Pull the fabric from both sides and tuck the fabric into the same tucks as the batting. Turn the board on its side when it is secure and let dry.

Step 5 - Installation

Hammer nails across the area you measured for your cornice board. Hold your cornice board up to the nails and press until in place. If your fabric is heavy and more support is needed, add a few nails under the cornice to secure.