How to Make a Noisy Electric Fireplace Quiet

burning logs in an electric fireplace
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-500
What You'll Need
Cleaning materials
Lubricant or industrial oil
Replacement parts and tools

An electric fireplace offers the charm of a real wood-burning fireplace without the hassle of ash and soot. These types of fireplaces create the appearance of a fire, complete with corresponding crackling noises. While most newly installed electric fireplace noises are soothing and calming, the noises some older electric fireplaces make are not. Whether you just installed a new unit and are having issues, or if your fireplace is years old, fix the racket with this guide.

Warning: Before trying any of the following fixes, make sure your electric fireplace is turned off and disconnected from any power sources, so that you don't shock or electrocute yourself.

Step 1 – Check the Hardware Connections

Most of the time, an electric fireplace is noisy because it has loose hardware. Check the screws of the fireplace to see if they’re screwed tightly. If not, use a wrench and a screwdriver to tighten the loose connections. Turn the device on again, and observe any changes. If the noise is still there, continue to the next step.

Step 2 – Check the Tubes

Bent tubes can also create unnecessary noise. Over time, your fireplace’s tubes can bend, which make them produce a rattling noise. Visually inspect your device for any bent tubes, and if you see any, carefully unbend them with a hammer.

Step 3 – Check the Blower

If your fireplace still isn't quiet, you should check the blower, next. This piece could have loosened, or it could be completely out of balance. Clean your blower for any accumulated lint or debris to fix this issue.

Step 4 – Lubricate the Rod

Listen to the noise that your electric fireplace produces. If it’s a squeaking noise, you might need to lubricate the inside fire rod. To lubricate the rod, open up the back of your fireplace panel, and lubricate the rod with industrial oil.

Step 5 – Replace the Motor

If your electric fireplace sounds like it's grinding, it might be time to replace the flame's motor or the speed control. The process for replacing the motor will differ based on your fireplace's make and model, so check with your manufacturer's guide.

Step 6 – Check the Limit Switch

A defective limit switch will turn on, overload, and then shut down in a bid to cool down the entire system. If your electric fireplace does this, then the limit switch could be the culprit. To fix the switch, open the unit up and check for round disc that has two wires. The round discs will only open and close with specific temperatures. Replace the discs, and see if this fixes your issue.

If the above troubleshooting directions don't help, you may need to purchase a new electric fireplace. Before buying a new one, make sure that you consider its cost, ease of use, and overall safety.