How to Make a Parquet Deck Pattern

What You'll Need
Pressure-treated wood
Circular saw
Landscape fabric
Gravel and sand
Wood stain
Skirting Board

A parquet deck pattern uses a special technique that makes the deck appear to have the look of parquet tiled flooring. Professional contractors charge a lumpsum amount to install such decking, but in a home project, you could complete it by following few steps over a weekend.

Step 1: Initial Steps

It is advised that you use timber squares for creating a parquet deck pattern. You need to purchase moisture proof, pressure-treated wood like pine or cedar. You may get a 4x2-inch timber board from the local hardware store.

Step 2: Making Tiles

The standard side of a square tile made of the timber is 1 meter. For this, use a circular saw to cut up the timber purchased into blocks of length 1 meter. Make two such pieces for forming the supports to be installed horizontally at the top and bottom of the deck square. The remaining lengths must be positioned vertically. Arrange the vertical blocks or slats by placing them evenly along the horizontal supports with the aid of spacers, available at a hardware store. At either end of the slats, drive in nails so that it gets fixed up.

Step 3: Choosing the Area

Select the area for the deck and mark out the ground. Compress the soil so that there are no protrusions or stones causing unevenness. Take a sheet of landscape cloth or fabric and place it over the area. This will stop the weeds from growing into the deck area.

Step 4: Preparing the Ground

Use a spade to spread a 4-inch layer of gravel that has been compacted on this sheet. Add a 4-inch layer of sand over this gravel layer. After this, tamp the area and make it level.

Step 5: Positioning Deck Tiles

Place the tiles now on this area in a manner that the horizontal slats and their vertical counterparts are positioned alternately. This is the trick to create a deck parquet pattern. Once all of the tiles are laid down, you need to attach them. For this, use nail fixings that are galvanized so that they do not rust over time. Ensure that they must be hammered in the positions so that they are not visible on the outer surface. Take an edge board or skirting board to make the tiling look neat. For this, simply apply glue to the sides of the skirting board and attach them to the sides of the tiles placed. Make sure that all the tiles sit firmly and are straight. You can ensure this by placing a ruler at the beginning of the first tile and seeing if it is in line with the other tiles. Trim off the extra landscape fabric that can be seen at the sides after placing the tiles. Use a pair of scissors for this purpose.

Step 6: Final Touches

Use wood stain or varnish and coat it on the surface of the deck tiles. You may choose to paint it as well so that it blends with your exteriors or garden. Your parquet deck pattern is all done, that too without much hassles.