How to Make a Patio Chaise Lounge Chair Cushion

What You'll Need
Filler or foam
Sturdy fabric
Measuring tape
Sewing machine

Patio chaise chairs are comfortable as well as durable. You can make them yourself or find them at several different types of stores such as home improvement and mega stores. Purchasing cushions for patio chaise lounge chairs can be expensive and unnecessary. Making your own patio chaise lounge chair can be simple and very inexpensive. All you need are the right materials and a little know how. Provided to you below is a list of the necessary materials as well as a few steps with hints and tips on making patio chaise lounge chair cushions that work perfect for you and your budget.

Step 1 – Choose Your Material

When you are choosing the filler or foam, be sure that it is for outdoor use. Any cushions that are for indoor use will not be able to withstand any type of outside conditions and will be ruined after the first rain storm.
For the outside material of your cushions you will need to go with a very durable and reliable type of fabric. Sunbrella fabrics are for outside use and are made with especially tough acrylic fibers. This will keep them safe from both mildew and stains, you can also ensure that they will not fade or wear out in the sun.

Step 2 – Measuring

Measure your patio chaise chair so that you can get the right amount of footage of fabric. Once you have gotten the measurements be sure to purchase extra fabric to allow for making ties to secure the cushions as well as matching patterns or stripes.

Step 3 – Preparation

Cut the foam or filler so that it will properly fit your patio chaise  chair just right. After you have done this you will need to get the fabric cut accordingly.

Step 4 – Velcro

You will need to Velcro the fastening. Get the seams of the fabric sown, as you do this you will need to make sure to leave an end open so that you can stuff in the filler or foam. The cushion should be inside out for this job. After it is finished you can turn it right side out again. Sew up the ties and attach them to the cushion cover. The Velcro is going to need to be sewn to both sides of the end of the cushion that is completely opened still. Get your foam or filler stuffed into your cushion cover and fasten your Velcro opening that you have just made. After this you will be able to attach the chaise lounge frame with the necessary ties.

Step 5 – No Sew Tape

If you prefer not to have to go through all of the necessary steps above then you can use new sew tape. All you need to go with it is an iron. Simply put together the areas that would normally need to be sewn and apply the tape. Iron them together to get them to stick.