How to Make a Patio Garden How to Make a Patio Garden

What You'll Need
Potting soil
Rocks or shipping peanuts
Flower pots

If you would love to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables, but don't think you have enough space, consider creating a patio garden. All you need are the right materials, water and a little nurturing. In no time at all, you can have colorful flowers, sweet fruits and nutritious vegetables growing right on your patio. Follow these 6 simple steps to create a planter or pot garden where you can grow tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and lots more.

Step 1 – Preparing Your Garden

Some flowers, fruits and vegetables need more sun than others. Certain annuals, such as alyssum, begonias and zinnias, do well in sunlight. Asters, poppies, and columbine, are all perennials that also like the sun. In order for your flowers, fruits, and vegetables to thrive you will need to know how much sun reaches your patio where you position your pots and growing boxes.

Step 2 – Planning Your Garden Space

Before buying flowers, seeds, pots, or baskets, plan where you will want to position your pots, baskets, and boxes. Decide the kinds of containers and their colors you will want, and the location on your porch where things you grow will get the right amount of sun. For example: if you want hanging baskets you'll need to know where to set the hooks from which your baskets will hang.

Step 3 – Choosing Your Pots

Once you know the approximate space you will have available for your garden you can begin buying your pots. Take your space measurements with you to a nursery or garden store where an attendant or sales person can help you choose flowers, plants, seeds, pots, baskets, and accessories for your patio garden.

Step 4 – Arranging Your Pots

When you have taken all your purchases home, be sure to water your plants. While your plants and flowers are soaking up the water you gave them you can begin arranging your pots. You'll find it easier to move them if you arrange them before filling them with potting soil. Position your plants so those that require less sunlight are in the more shaded areas of your patio. If you need hooks from which to hang flower baskets or pots, this will be a good time to put them in place. Once you have all your pots, baskets, and accessories placed where you want them you can begin adding potting soil.

Step 5 – Planting Your Flowers and Plants

Plant your flowers, plants, and seeds in one pot at a time. In pots that have no holes in their bottoms, place small rock, coarse gravel, or packing peanuts in the bottoms of the pots before adding potting soil. When you have planted flowers and seeds in a pot, be sure the soil is moist. Finally, put the pot back in its assigned place and begin planting in the next one.

Step 6 - Adding Accessories

Once you have your flowers, plants and growing pots and boxes organized and in place, you can begin adding accessories such as wind chimes, special lighting, and fountains.

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