How to Make a Pattern for Roman Shades

What You'll Need
Large sheets of newsprint, 24 x 36 inches
Clear adhesive tape
5 colored markers or pencil crayons: 1 black, 1 gray and 3 colors
Tape measure to record fabric and window dimensions
Notepad with removable pages
Shade support batten or window blind roller

Making a pattern to sew Roman shades can be easy and will save you hours of time and frustration. Following the directions below will help you make a reusable pattern for Roman shades. You can adapt it to create any variety of this versatile window treatment.

Measure the Window

You will need to do this step each time to create Roman shades for different window sizes. If you have several windows the same size in your home, you can reuse the pattern with the same dimensions. Base your measurement on the placement of the shade support batten.

Decide the Location of the Shade Batten or Roller

If you want the Roman shade to hang inside the window frame, attach the shade support batten or roller to the top inside edge of the window frame. To hang the shade outside the window attach the support directly above the frame, or a few inches higher, according to your preference.

Measure the Overall Shade Length

The overall Roman shade length will include allowances for hemming at top and bottom, and for matching fabric patterns. Add these to the net length you want for the Roman shade. This is the distance from the top of the batten or roller to the maximum length you want the shade to reach when fully unrolled. Mark the overall shade length on your notepad.

Measure the Overall Shade Width

The overall roman shade width will include seam allowances for the left and right sides of the shade. Add 1 inch (2.5 cm) to the width of each seam if you need to join fabric widths together. Center a full width of fabric and add on extra segments of equal width to each side. Mark these dimensions for the overall shade width on your notepad.

Build the Pattern

Tape newsprint sheets together to make a single sheet that is the overall dimensions of your Roman shade. Use the gray marker to mark all the seam allowances Two inches for the top hem and 1 inch for side seams is usually adequate, to allow you to insert string pulls. Mark 4 inches for the bottom hem, as a dowel will go in here. Use the black marker to mark where to sew stitch lines, at least 8 inches apart. Write "pins" on these lines, as you will pin the fabric and liner together here. Use the 3 colored markers for the batten, the fabric side and the liner side. Draw a folded corner on the upper left with the gray marker. Color the uppermost part of it with the marker you want to be the "liner" color. Streak the "fabric side" color onto the rest of the pattern. On a separate newsprint page, draw on the batten in the third color with its exact dimensions. You will add this to the pattern when you are ready to hang the Roman shade.