How to Make a Pet Ramp for Home Stairways

What You'll Need
Wood screws
Wood glue
Carpet scraps
Staple gun
1 pieces 1 x 18 wood
2 pieces 2 x 2 wood
Measuring tape

A pet ramp is a great way to lend a hand to your favorite pet. Some pets, whether large or small, may need help getting up the stairs on the inside our outside of your property. It is simple to build a pet ramp, and should not take more than a couple hours of your time. Simple skills and tools will be required, but you should be able to do this project on your own.

Step 1 - Measure and Cut

Measure the length that you will need your ramp. You will want a snug fit from the lip of the top stair to the ground just below the bottom stair. Cut all three lengths of wood to this measurement.

Step 2 - Glue and Screw

Place the 1 x 18 piece of wood on its side and place a thin line of wood glue along the entire length of the board. Next you are going to line up the 2 x 2 with the lower edge of the 1-inch side on top of the glue. This will leave a 1-inch lip on the top side of the ramp. Use your drill and your wood screws to place a screw every 18 inches along the side. Use small enough screws that will not split through the one inch board. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side of the ramp. Doing this, will form a small lip that will help to guide your pet up the ramp as well as provide some aesthetic appeal.

Step 3 - Carpet

Using the staple gun, staple a long section of carpet along the top of the ramp. Curve the carpet over each end to cover the ends of the wood as well. The carpet can be made to match the carpet on your interior stairs to help provide a less obtrusive ramp. You also have the choice to carpet over the edges as well. If the ramp is for outdoor stairs, you may want to use a non slip grip tape or an outdoor carpet.

Step 4 - Securing the Ramp

You will want to ensure that the ramp does not slip from the stairs. You can either secure the ramp permanently to the stairs or choose a more temporary solution. Permanent solutions include screwing into the base of the stairs and the top of the stairs. A temporary solution that will also make the ramp portable to other areas is to attach the ramp at the top stair. Use hooks at the top portion of the ramp and fasten them to the top stair. After installed you will be able to hook them into each other and have a ramp ready for your pet.

This type of ramp is easy to build and can also be used as a ramp to get on the couch. Helping a pet with short legs or one that has a bit of trouble hopping to high places, is a great benefit of knowing how to build a simple ramp.