How to Make a Pet-Safe Flea Trap

A pet-safe flea trap is easy and inexpensive to make, and it will prevent harm to your family and pets as it will not includde toxic pesticides. Use simple materials and ingredients you have around your home to make these water-based flea "pond traps." Set them up nightly to dispose of fleas at locations where they accumulate, once you have removed them from your pet. Follow the directions below to establish flea pond traps all over the house.

Give Soap Bath and Apply Topical Flea Treatment

Thoroughly brush your pet with a natural bristle brush to remove adult fleas and larvae. Wash down your pet with an animal-safe detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry him or her off with paper towels. Apply a Frontline™ topical flea treatment to your pet.

Add Light Source at Each Flea Trap Location

Choose locations where your pet spends time or where the fleas have their favored living conditions, such as a carpeted living room corner behind a chair or sofa. Plug in an unshaded night light, a small gooseneck lamp, or other light source that you can bring close to the floor at each spot where you want to set a flea trap. Put an incandescent bulb in the lamp to lure out fleas out  both the heat and light.

Waterproof Floor at Each Trap Site

Lay down a plastic bag or other waterproof cover at each trap site that is on a rug or carpet. This will minimize damage should the flea pond trap be tipped over.

Create Flea Ponds

At each trap, place an aluminum pie plate or shallow glass pie dish ¾ full of warm, soapy water. Make sure the soap is bubbly when you first set down the "pond" under the light source. Push the dish as close to the light as possible. If you use a gooseneck lamp, arch the light over the center of the flea pond.

Turn Out Other Light Sources

Ensure the light over the pond trap is the only light on in the room. Keep all people and pets away from the traps for the night as much as possible. If you must set up a flea trap in a bedroom, put it as far from the person sleeping there as you can.

How the Flea Pond Trap Works

Once the flea pond light illuminates just the pond area in an otherwise dark room, fleas will jump off furniture, out of rugs and toward the light source. They will then fall into the pond trap and drown. The deeper your trap, the more fleas you will catch. In the morning, empty out the flea traps using a small strainer, while wearing rubber gloves. Shake the strainer into a plastic bag, seal it and dispose of it in the trash. Pour the soapy water down the sink.

How Long To Use the Flea Pond Traps

Use the flea pond traps every night until they have no fleas in the morning when you check them.