How to Make a Pine Headboard

What You'll Need
2 - 58" x 6" x 1" pine boards
2 - 28" x 6" x 1" pine boards
7 - 58" x 4" x 1" pine boards
Wood screws
2 - 32" Wood furring strips
Light-grade sandpaper
Stainer and brush (or polyurethane)
Wall hangers
Stud finder
4 - 3" Straight metal brackets

The unique characteristic of pine is that it is a soft wood that works beautifully in bedroom furniture, with a pleasing finish. That's why a pine headboard is always much in demand, especially for kids' bedrooms. With its satin finish and affordability, an ever growing number of folks go for the DIY pine furniture. Creating your own double bed pine headboard with slats can be done in just a few easy steps.  When buying your pine boards, have them cut to size at your local lumber outlet.

Step 1 - Create a Frame

Line up one 28" x 6" board precisely with the corner edge of one 58" x 6" board. Put them face down and join them at the back using wood screws and metal brackets. Attach the other 58" x 6" board to the other corner edge of the 28" board and attach securely. Line up the remaining 28" board and join securely to complete the frame of your pine headboard.

Step 2 - Insert the Slats

With the frame still facing down, carefully insert the seven 58" x 4" boards into the frame space until all of them are neatly lined up, fitting into the frame space. They must fit well into the frame space and will later be secured by the furring strips on either end of the frame.

Step 3 - Furring Strips

Perpendicular with the slats, align the two wood furring strips on the top and bottom frame boards on either side of the frame. Allow each strip to overlap 2" on both the top and bottom frame boards. Join both strips to the frame and each neighboring slat by screwing them in tightly. This completes the building of your pine headboard.

Step 4 - Sanding

Sand your headboard with a light grade sand paper. Remove the sanding debris by wiping it clean with a damp cloth.

Step 5 - Staining

Using a light stain or clear polyurethane, stain your pine headboard with a few coats for a beautiful look. If your decor requires a darker stain, then use it. It's a matter of preference.

Step 6 - Mounting

Fit the wall hangers to the back of the headboard and to the wall. Make sure that you hit at least one wall stud.

With this done, you will have a pine headboard ready which can placed in your bedroom to enjoy.