How to Make a Pool Deck with Pavers

What You'll Need
Pavers of your choice, enough for your entire pool deck
Mortar for pavers
Sand for entire deck
Several 1x4 boards as frames
Rubber mallet
Grouting material
Concrete sealant
Circular table saw with concrete blade
Drill with screwdriver bit

Pavers are a great material to use to make a pool deck because they’re already texturized and rarely need sealing like straight concrete does. You can find them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Making a pool deck with pavers is easier than pouring concrete and looks more uniform than concrete does. Because it can be done in a weekend, many homeowners of in-ground pools choose pavers rather than cement.

Step 1 – Make Frame

As with pouring concrete, you will have to make a frame out of 1x4 boards all the way around the perimeter. It’s like using planks as an outline. Screw them together so they all stand up, and repeat the process for the interior perimeter.

Step 2 – Pour Sand

The trick to laying pavers for a pool deck is to use sand beneath them to level the ground. This will help you get them down and even. Pour your bags of sand into your frame and level it out to make the ground even. You can use a push broom to level out the sand and make it even for your pavers.

Step 3 – Lay Pavers

Start laying down your edge pavers (which are the same color, but differently shaped than the rest of the pavers) at your frame. Use your rubber mallet to pound them into the sand, and repeat the process for the other pavers. You may need to cut the pavers to fit the spot they should go. Just make sure you use a concrete blade on your saw so you don’t damage your equipment.

Continue on with your pavers until your deck is all paved out. Keep pounding them together tight with your rubber mallet. Note: You may even want to use mortar for this project. Lay the pavers down and mortar them together just like you would bricks.

Step 4 – Finish Paved Area

All that’s left to do is to finish off your paved area. If you’ve chosen to mortar your pavers together you only have to lay a sealant. If you’ve decided mortar isn’t necessary, and in some cases it isn’t, you can just lay grout.

To lay grout, get a bag of grouting material and mix it up according to the directions. With your trowel, spread the grout over the deeper lines between the pavers, just like you would ceramic tile. Wipe it away in the same manner, leaving the grout only between the pavers.

Now, remove your frame.

Finally, after the grout dries, lay sealant down over your pavers, protecting them against the damaging effects of pool water.

Once your sealant dries you can enjoy your new paver pool deck. It should last you for years—and to fix it, you only have to replace a few pavers rather than the whole thing.