How to Make a Portable Putting Green Frame

What You'll Need
Plywood boards
Green putting mat
Electric screwdriver
Steel screws
Carpenters glue
Measuring tape
Marking pencil, thick lead
Miter box
Hand saw

A portable putting green is more than a simple executive toy. If installed properly in a well-built frame with just the right type of putting, it can improve your golfing skills considerably. Read the article below to learn how to make such a frame for putting green.

Step 1 – Take Appropriate Precautions

This project requires the use of power tools and cutting equipment that can cause severe injuries. Use this equipment only after going through an instructions manual. It is also recommended that you wear a facemask and gloves while working on this project to avoid injuries and chances of an allergic reaction due to the wood dust.

Step 2 – Taking Required Measurements

Use a measuring tape to mark the plywood board with dimensions that suit your needs. This will be the top of the structure on to which the putting green will be attached. After this is done, mark another board with the same dimensions for the base of the structure. Then mark the boards that will make up the frame of the structure. After this is done, move on to cutting the boards.

Step 3 – Cutting the Wooden Boards

Cut the boards in a well-lit environment and work on a stable worktable as this will ensure more control over the job at hand. Use an electric saw for lengthwise cutting and a handsaw along with a miter box for cutting corners. First cut the boards that are to be fitted to make the frame and then cut the base and the top to ensure proper fitting. In addition, cut columns of wood of lengths such that they can span the length between the top and bottom of the structure. These will be the support columns that will hold the structure intact while you are standing on top practicing your golf.

Step 4 – Attaching the Wooden Boards

To attach the sideboards for the frame, use carpenter’s glue and steel screws as agents of bonding. Apply the glue sparingly on the joints and press together for a few minutes. Secure this joint by drilling in steel screws using an electric screwdriver. Carry out this step for all the joints. Attach the support columns to the base board by using the same bonding agents as told above and attach the base board to the frame by using a combination of nails and screws at the edges. When this is done, attach the top board in the same way as the board at the base.

Step 5 – Attaching the Putting Mat

Use a good quality adhesive for this job. Apply adhesive on the underside of the putting mat and layer it on to the top of the wooden structure made previously. Use your hands to smooth any wrinkles that might form on the mat. Leave the structure to dry and your portable putting green is ready for use. If maintained well, your new putting mat can give many years of enjoyment.