How to Make a Post Puller How to Make a Post Puller

What You'll Need
Two lengths of metal

If you need to have a post puller in order to do work in the garden, you can easily construct one by using a few household tools. This should allow you to extract the posts from around your home and land without needing to go to the expense of renting a large machine or power tool.

Step 1 - Make the Arms

You should begin by making the arms of your post puller. These can be made from two lengths of flat metal. Use your hammer to create a flat surface which has two curving arms. The arms should then be placed cross-wise, and a hole punched through both of the holes. Make sure that the arms come together at the top before you make the hole.

Step 2 - Construct the Post Puller

Hold the arms together while you put a screw or bolt through the hole you punched into the arms. Make two large blades from metal sheets, and screw these onto the ends of the arm. Take the screw, and screw this into the arms just below the cross-join. Tighten this screw into the arms until the jaws are clamped tightly together. You should then be able to use the post puller to remove posts.

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