How to Make a Pot Rack

What You'll Need
4-inch decorative hooks
1x4-inch boards, 36 inches long (3)
2-inch eyebolts with washers and nuts (2)
1 1/2 -inch wood dowels, 36 inches long (3)
1 1/2 -inch Wood screws
Decorative metal chain
2-inch drill bit
Tape measure

If you have limited kitchen space and a cupboard full of pots, a kitchen pot rack may be the perfect solution. It will help organize your kitchen and make access to your pans more convenient and quick. One set of these racks will be relatively simple to add to your kitchen. You can hang as many or as few pots as you wish from this rack, depending on the number of base boards from which you hang them. Just follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1 - Plan and Mark Your Rack Board Locations

Decide where, with respect to the nearest wall, you will want your 3 baseboards to hang. Decide which direction you'll want these parallel boards to run. Then, cut, sand, and paint your baseboards. Use a stud finder to locate ceiling studs into which you'll attach your base boards. Mark these stud locations. The stud closest to the wall should be at least 12 inches from the wall to allow the pans to hang without hitting the wall.

Step 2 ā€“ Prepare Your Rack Boards and Dowel

Drill into each board 3 pilot holes, one at each end and one in the middle. Through these holes, you will fit wood screws that will attach the board to the ceiling. Drill 6 additional pilot holes in the base board, along a horizontal line. Into these holes you will insert I-bolts.

Drill holes into the dowel that I-bolts will fit through. Insert an I-Bolts into each of these dowel holes, bolt head positioned on top of the dowel. Add a washer to each bolt and screw on a nut that will attach the bolts to the board.

Place a washer on each of the 6 I-bolts to be inserted into the base board. Insert the 6 bolts into the pilot holes of the rack board, with the washer next to the board. Then, screw into the bottom side of the dowel a line of I-screws, one for each pot to hang from. Repeat this process for each of the base boards.

Step 3 ā€“ Attach the Rack Board and Chain

Attach rack boards to the ceiling by driving wood screws through the rack boards and into ceiling joists, with I-bolts pointing downward. Measure the distance from the rack board to the level where your pans will hang from the dowel. Cut 2 lengths of decorative chain for each rack board. These lengths should be cut to match the measurement from base board to your pan level.

Connect each chain end to an I-bolt in the base board, and connect the other end to an I-bolt in the dowel. At this point, the dowel should then be suspended from the base board, connected by a chain at both ends of the dowel.