How to Make a Pulley Clothes Line How to Make a Pulley Clothes Line

What You'll Need
Spade (if needed)
Clothes pole (if needed)
2 x All steel pulley
2 x anchor bolts
Clothes line

A pulley clothes line can give a great deal of drying capacity and make loading the clothes easier. If you can make the line independent and away from property, it will work even better.

Step 1 – Choose a Location

Your line should be in an area where there is good sunlight and breeze. Keep the line away from trees and tall shrubs.

Step 2 – Select the Anchor Points

Both ends of the line need to be fixed securely to either a building or a post. Any wall a line is attached to must be substantial because a line of wet washing is quite heavy. The weight of the load will be acting on the wall in an unusual direction – outwards from the building.

Step 3 – Fit the First Anchor Bolt

The first anchor bolt should be fitted to the main building. It should be fitted in such a way that the line will be accessible without having to lean dangerously out of a window.

Step 4 – Attach a Pulley

Attach a Pulley to the anchor bolt.

Step 5 – Install a Clothes Pole

If you do not have a second anchor point, install a clothes pole. This pole will need to be as high above the ground as is necessary to have a pulley at the top level with the other pulley. It will also need to be three feet into the ground. Set the pole in concrete. Before erecting the pole, install the second anchor bolt and pulley and thread the clothes line through the pulley.

Step 6 – Install the Second Anchor Bolt.

If you have a location for the second pulley, install the second anchor point and pulley. Thread the clothes line through the pulley.

Step 7 – Thread the First Pulley

Bring the clothes line to the first pulley and thread the clothes line through it.

Step 8 – Close the Loop

The clothes line needs to form a loop round both the pulleys. Tie the two ends of the line together. Splicing the line ends together will give you a neater finish, but any strong knot will do the trick. It is better if the join is in the top half of the loop, that way you will be able to see its location when hanging clothes to dry. The clothes line needs to be under tension if possible, so it will help if you have someone to hold the clothes line tight while you tie it. Extra tension can be applied if you tie each end of the rope to a tensioner.

When using the clothes line, it is important that you do not have to lean too far out to hang clothes. Remember to wipe the line before each use to ensure that dirt won't get on your laundry.

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