How to Make a Rain Barrel Cover

What You'll Need
Nylon or metal window screen
Plastic barrel lid
Utility knife

A rain barrel cover will cover up the barrel to keep mosquitoes from breeding and to keep other things out of the water. However, you need something that will still allow the water to flow into the barrel. Follow the simple steps below to make an effective top for your rain barrel.

Step 1 - Cut Holes in the Lid

If you are using a plastic barrel for this process, you should be able to use the lid for this job. Use a utility knife to cut several 3 inch holes in it. 

Step 2 - Put Screen in Place

Find a window screen that is made out of nylon or metal. This will help keep mosquitoes and other things out of the standing water. Cut the net to the shape of the lid, only make it a little bit bigger than the lid. Then lay the screen on top of the barrel. Fasten the lid to the barrel like normal so that the screen is directly under it.