How to Make a Rip Cut with a Circular Saw How to Make a Rip Cut with a Circular Saw

What You'll Need
Circular saw
Tape Measure

A rip cut is any cut that is made parallel to the grain of the wood. A rip cut can be made with any type of saw, but is usually made with either a circular saw or a table saw. Below you will find a series of easy to follow instructions and a paragraph containing some common mistakes to avoid.

Step 1: Make Precise Measurements

You need to know exactly where on your piece your rip cut needs to start and stop. Measure this at least twice before beginning your cut to assure accuracy of the cut.

Step 2: Transfer Measurements Precisely

Once you are sure of the length and placement of your cuts, it’s time to transfer those measurements to your work piece. With large cuts, this is easiest accomplished using a chalk line. Mark either end of the board being cut, secure the chalk line at one side, hold it tightly at the other and snap it to receive a solid line along the exact length of your projected cut.

Step 3: Cut Carefully

Carefully align the marker on the base plate with your chalk line. Squeeze the trigger and carefully engage the wood with the spinning blade. Once the wood is engaged, allow the rotation of the blade to pull the blade through the piece.

Common Mistakes

Below is a short list of mistakes that are commonly made.

  • Not wearing safety glasses.
  • Not using a push piece when using a table saw.
  • Not measuring carefully.

Above you have been given some simple instructions for making a rip cut with a circular or table saw and three common mistakes people make.

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