How to Make a Roof Snow Rake

man using roof rake to get snow off his roof
What You'll Need
Aluminum pole (17 feet)
C clamp (1)
4-inch angled brackets (2)
Metal plate, 1/8-inch thick and 6 1/2-inches by 22-inches
Lock washers and nuts
2 1/2-inch bolts (3)
Crescent wrench

Winter snowfall can be devastating to the roof of your home. If snow is allowed to sit on your roof for an extended period of time, it can cause water damage and weaken the structural stability of the roof. Owning a roof snow rake is the simplest way to protect yourself from this kind of damage.

Chances are your local hardware store has roof snow rakes for sale, but making one yourself isn’t just easy, it’s affordable. The following information will show you how to build a roof snow rake.

Step 1 - Readying the Pole

You have a few options with the pole. Essentially you’re just looking for a something that has some length and will work efficiently. An aluminum pole is lightweight enough to use as the basis for your snow rake, but an even less expensive option like PVC piping is also good. These instructions will outline building an aluminum-based snow rake.

TIP: Another benefit of making the rake yourself means that you can make custom adjustments. For example, if you use two different pieces of pole, your snow roof tool could potentially separate for easy storage.

Step 2 - Clamping On the Angled Brackets

Use your clamp to attach the two 4-inch brackets to one end of the aluminum pole, positioning one angled bracket on each side. Make sure the holes on the brackets are lined up and are angled at 90 degrees. Use the drill to make a hole in the aluminum pole using the bracket holes as a guide. The angled brackets should have three holes in each bracket for you to drill. The end result will look like a "T," with the pole as the base,

WARNING: Follow any manufacturer instructions associated with your drill, and exercise caution while drilling.

Step 3 - The Rake Hardware

Insert the bolts through the holes you just drilled and through the brackets. Secure the bolts inside the aluminum pole using simple washers and nuts. Once the brackets are firmly bolted to the pole you can remove the clamp.

TIP: By using a set of pliers and the crescent wrench in unison, you’ll be able to tighten the bolts to your liking.

Step 4 – Drilling the Metal Plate

Now you can attach the metal plate to the aluminum pole. The plate is the piece that will actually be lifting and removing the snow from your roof. Center the metal plate on the angled brackets. You want the brackets to be parallel with the bottom and the top of the metal plate.

Mark the holes’ positions using a permanent marker if necessary. With the marks drawn, you can drill them through the metal plate. Use a steady motion and firm pressure to force the bit through the metal.

Step 5 – Attaching the Metal Plate

Now that the holes are drilled you can attach the metal plate. Line the holes of the plate up with the holes on the angled brackets. Use the nuts and bolts to firmly attach it. Tighten them with the crescent wrench and pliers.